we didn't labor on Labor Day...

We just had a bunch of friends and some family over and BBQ'd good meat, ate delicious side dishes, and feasted on yummy desserts. Oh, and enjoyed each other's company ;-)

I realized after everyone left, I need to start googling some fun group games, because I think parties where people just eat, drink and talk... they get old. Maybe not? I felt like a few games would've been fun. Maybe if I had planned this little shindig out more, games would've happened.

 one really cool thing about our yard? 
We had about 50 people here today and you never would've guessed. 

   Games or no games, the party was loads of fun and we enjoyed having everyone over to our new home. We want to love on and serve others with our home, so this was just a great way to get that started.

On Wednesday night we being hosting the Community Group that we're new to and we can't wait to meet new people and see friends we already know.

 the pool didn't get too much use {I apparently neglected to tell everyone we have a pool}
but it will get lots of use this week. 
Apparently as fall approaches, we're getting our heat waves. 
Supposed to hit the 90's later this week. Insane. I'm hoping its short lived. 

 Heidi was such a good sport and let me take one last picture of her, pregnant. 

 Something tells me this picture might not be too far off from reality for Kara.
I could see her taking a break at her wedding to ride the zip line ;-) 

   snapped a few more shots of the backyard for you all. Its hard to capture the whole thing.

We had such a nice time with everyone and I was amazed at how relaxing it was! 
Really enjoyed having so many friends to our new place. 
Thank you, God, for your rich blessings. 

Oh, and today is my Mom's birthday!! Happy Birthday, MOM!!! 

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Gideon said...

Yesterday was so fun! Thanks for inviting us. ;) I really like the picture of Heidi, Ally, and me. Good work. =)

Emily said...

So I love your yard! I love that you can actually go out and enjoy it. Our yard is beautiful too, but every time I go in our yard, I get eaten alive by mosquitoes and ants. Yuck! That photo of Kara in the dress on the zip line is classic!

Shane Eckert said...

Awesome yard and awesome pool. We used to have a HUGE yard in Livermore out on Buena Vista, it was about 3/4 acre. I miss all the land, but not the 100 year old house. :-)

Charlotte said...

What a beautiful yard! And what a blessing to be able to host so many people in your home.

Happy Birthday to your mom! :-)

Gina said...

What an awesome yard! My boys would be in heaven there! Such a blessing that house is for you all!


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