yay! I did it :)

I made it! I remembered I was going to do these weekly posts and I'm here :)

What I'm thinking: I'm thinking about how glad I am I got ALL the laundry done, folded and put away today. I think there were 8 basket fulls total.

What I'm reading: still reading Zvi, and reading through Luke 22 & 23 in my Bible time. Studying those two chapters a bit this week, for the sermons we hear on Sunday.

What I'm listening to: Ethan is telling Kara to fly on his feet - in the air. He wants to be strong enough to hold her up, but its not really working :)

What we're learning: at the fire station tour we learned a lot about the lives and hard work of firemen.
Kara learned that playing with finger nail polish usually resorts in a very big mess :(

What I'm watching: the kids and I have been watching Little House on the Prairie together.

What's cooking: nothing right now. But I made my menu and shopping list and I'm super excited about trying some new things!

What I'm buying: lots of groceries this weekend :)

What I'm thankful for: running water and electricity. After watching Little House, I'm reminded these things weren't always so readily available.

What tomorrow looks like: pretty much just school work and then I'll be baby sitting my friends 3 kids, while she moves into her new home!

What I'm praying: that God would increase my trust and faith in Him. That I would remember He's done so much for me and that I would reflect it in my day-to-day life.

What we did last weekend: Saturday was a lovely day. We spent the whole day at home as a family.
my brother-in-law David came over and helped Jason mow the lawns, we played in the playhouse and cleaned around the house.

What I'm looking forward to:  my parents arrive in just a few days!!

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Charlotte said...

8 baskets of laundry! Monday is one of my laundry days and I am usually folding up until dinner time too. And I would love to see photos of the playhouse. Have a fun time with your family this week!


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