her first one!

Rachel lost her 1st tooth!! The night of Kara's birthday,
I was in the kitchen making dinner and she walked in crying and told me "Mommy, my mouth hurts very bad." I noticed some blood and realized right away, her once loose tooth was ready to come out!
Rachel has been "teething" for the past few weeks and its been rough. On her and on us.
We realized about 2 weeks ago, she has an adult tooth already growing in behind her baby teeth.
So I was glad to see the baby tooth ready to come out.
I brought her into the living room and tried to act as casual about it as possible. Not sure she even knew I was gonna pull it, but I know Rachel and if you can keep the drama down, its better for everyone.
So I put the napkin in her mouth and grabbed it a few times and out it came! 
Now I'm hoping her big tooth moved forward a bit.
We're going to the dentist next week to have them checked.

She woke up to $1.00 under her pillow and was SO thrilled about it. She kept saying, "I hope all my other teeth fall out because at $1.00 each, I'll be rich!"
I love when a dollar has value to little people :)

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Nicola S. said...

Congrats on the first tooth Rachel! It's always so fun and exciting to wake up with money under your pillow. Though I think it was 25 cents that we got unless it was a molar, then we got 50 cents. Wow, times have changed!

Emily said...

Another milestone. Congratulations, Rachel! Jackson has a loose tooth, but I'm thinking it still has a couple of months to go before it comes out.

Gina said...

Rachel's old enough to lose teeth--when did that happen!? :-) Congrats Rachel!

Stef said...

Gina, I know... that's exactly how we felt. TOO SOON!

Tara said...

aw, such a milestone!


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