What I'm thinking: How I cannot believe 3 years ago today I was holding my newborn daughter in my arms, amazed by her beauty and God's creation. 

What I'm/we're reading: I'm reading Sarah Plain and Tall to the kids and Ethan is reading Dragons Before Dark to us. 

What I'm listening to: Jason, my Dad and Ethan watching football :) 

What we're learning: We've been learning a lot about weather patterns, clouds, barometer readings, etc... Ethan is thrilled with this stuff and I'm finding I have quite the interest in it as well. Makes for some fun experiments as well! 

What I'm watching: I recorded all those Love Comes Softly movies from the Hallmark channel and I'm slowly making my way through them. As with most movies, the books were better, but the movies are well done. 

What's cooking: lots of stuff this week, but Honey baked ham, mashed potatoes and salad is getting prepared today, for Kara's birthday dinner tonight! 

What I'm buying: I did all my grocery shopping last week and this week I'm on the hunt for some winter'ish clothes for the kids. 

What I'm thankful for: our families, our church, our friends, our home, where we live, our country, etc... 

Weird thing I realized about myself this week: I am obsessed with keeping the toilets clean. I think I clean them just after I clean them. 

What I'm praying: today I've been praying off and on {more frequently than normal} for Kara. I try to focus on the birthday child in those ways ON their birthday. Praying for her heart, for her life and for her relationship with God. 

What I'm planning: Kara's birthday dinner/party tonight. My parents are here and we're having a couple other families over to celebrate! 

What we did this last weekend: My parents arrived late Friday night. We went to breakfast on Saturday and then the guys came back here with Ethan and Rachel to play and hang out, while my Mom, Kara and I went and did lots of grocery shopping. 
We went to church on Sunday and then spent a relaxing afternoon/evening at home. 

What I'm looking forward to: fun plans we have with my parents this week! 

4 {comments}:

Nicola S. said...

Happy Birthday Kara!! Hope you have a great day and that God will bless you this year as you grow in the grace of Christ.

Charlotte said...

I loved the 'weird thing I realized about myself'. Sooooo, will you come keep my bathrooms clean?

Stef said...

haha! Charlotte, its JUST the toilets! That's the weird thing. The counters get dirty, the tubs need cleaning, but the toilets are always super clean. So weird... since its where we go to the bathroom. Doesn't need to be "clean" to do that on ;-)

Charlotte said...

I am the opposite. Not only do I despise cleaning bathrooms, but I will keep the counters clean but talk myself into not doing the toilets as often because they are already contaminated. :-)


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