Monday's survey... on Thursday

What I'm thinking: How very blessed I am. 
A nearby Shelter had 2,000 pounds of food stolen from them and our Pastors put out a notice, asking us to donate whatever we can, to build their supply back up. I read the email and realized we have a pantry filled with food that can be donated. Blessed

What I'm/we're reading: Still reading Sarah Plain and Tall to the kids and for myself, reading my Bible and then a book called Mom and Loving It.  
Two mommy friends from church join me once a week so we can go over chapter discussion questions. 
What I'm listening to: Jason is reading the Bible story to the kids before bed. 

What we're learning: about obeying quickly AND cheerfully and being faithful in all things. 

What I'm watching: Biggest Loser is on tonight. I might watch... if there's time. 

What's cooking: today I made our favorite tortilla soup. I'm in a soup mood still, even if this warmer weather doesn't want to cooperate with my cozy, winter feelings :) 
Tomorrow I will make Spaghetti sauce and chilis. 
What I'm buying: I started our baby registry today. As I think of things we will need, I'm adding them, so we won't forget. Kara loves doing this with me. 

What I'm thankful for: today I was very thankful for our microwave. 

Weird thing I realized about myself this week: when I use the laptop, I do things in a very specific order. Email check, Facebook check, websites check, news site check. 

Its always in that order. I just realized this a few days ago :) 

What I'm praying: just praying a lot lately for our baby. Other things too, but I find myself praying for our baby a lot. The 20th of this month marks my original due date with Micah. Its been a month of remembering to thank God for all His blessings. Even the ones that are difficult to understand, but you know they're a blessing because you can see how God is using it in your life, for His glory. 

What I'm planning: some CA friends are coming to visit this weekend and so we're planning a fun time with them :) 

What we did this last weekend: Saturday we had a family morning/afternoon here at home, then we went to a birthday party for this cutie pie. She goes to church with us and we've loved watching her grow this past year! 

Sunday was our last day at our church... saying good bye was bitter sweet, because its the only church we've gone to since moving. The sweet part is, we're just moving to a new, bigger location :) So even though its sad to be leaving our building, its just a building. 

What I'm looking forward to: first Sunday at the new building {we've been praying for, saving for and hoping for this new location for 2 years now!} and excited the day is finally here.  

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Gina said...

Thinking of you & praying for you on this day of special remembrance for Micah. <3

Stef said...

thanks Gina. Love you!

Charlotte said...

That is so true....obeying quickly AND cheerfully....those lessons are hard ones. :-)

I have been on a soup craze too and our weather has no been cooperative either....2 soups this week with temps in the high 80's.

And I am continuing to keep your little one in my prayers and you, especially this week.

Charlotte said...

"...our weather has *not* been cooperative..."

That is what I get for reading blogs too early in the morning.... :-)


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