the punkin patch

Each one of our kids has had a phase where they say "punkin" instead of "pumpkin". Kara has officially left that stage, but I'm apparently hanging onto it. Ethan corrected me several times when I said "punkin" and they all 3 acted completely put out that I'd be saying a word wrong on purpose.
Its so cute though! Like when they say "Balentimes Day" instead of Valentines Day?! I love it.

Anyway, we went to the puMPkin patch on Saturday and had a lot of fun! It was a new patch {to us}, right by our house and the weather couldn't have been better. Or as Rachel says, "more perfecter."

 the girls had fun in the general store, looking through Halloween, Thanksgiving
AND Christmas decorations. I think its funny when Kara sees Halloween decor, 
she calls it "evil decorations." Don't worry - we didn't tell her to call them that. 
She just thinks they're all freaky looking {since they're meant to be} and 
calls them that. It makes me laugh every time. 

 the wheel barrles were a huge hit! 
We decided we'd like to get one for the backyard. 
 Ethan loved picking out our pumpkins. 
The girls were confused because I said "I'm gonna pick the one with my name on it" 
and they both thought certain pumpkins actually have our names on them. 
I could hear Kara telling Rachel, "none of them start with K." ;-) 

 I probably took 10-15 pictures, trying to capture them all smiling. 
None of them turned out. 

 taken by Ethan :) 
Jason and I celebrated 17 years of being best friends, last Sunday! 
We are praising God for His goodness and mercy to us.

 my husband's creative side always impresses me :) 

 a little pumpkin for our little punkin ;-) 

 the girls got the train ride all to themselves! 

 this is actually a tree farm. They don't grow the pumpkins there, they import them. 
So we found the flyer for their Christmas festivities and are hoping to go back in December. 

 Kara said "lets take a picture by the house and pretend we live there!" 

 being silly and eating kettle corn, hand popped! 

on the hay ride before heading home. 

our boy :) 

5 {comments}:

jillyco said...

Great pictures! You have adorable kids. :)

Gina said...

Ethan's becoming quite the little photographer. Great photo of you two. And a good shot by Jason as well. Awesome looking farm--so cool to have things like that to enjoy. :-)

Jessica said...

Stop it with the cuteness!!

Love the punkin pic with your non-existant bump. Seriously can.not.wait for that to grow!! :)

And YAY for 17 years!! You guys are awesome role-models!

Nicola S. said...

What fun! Love all the pictures! Great picture of you and Jason.

Dianne Flood said...

Like that little "tummy bump" I'm seeing at the Pumpkin Farm!


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