Random facts about {and quotes from} our kids...

These are not quotes or facts that all happened today. I have a journal for each child that I write in and so when these funny conversations/comments take place, I jot them down.

*Rachel and Kara tend to speak like they're from England. We've been asked {from strangers} if we're new to this country.

*Ethan's labor began on a Thursday and he was born very late Sunday night.
*With Rachel I had on and off contractions for 2 weeks, but she came on her due date with only 5 hours of real labor.
*Kara's labor began on her due date as well and she was born 10 hours later, sunny-side-up.
-this reminds me that every baby is very different, even in utero and upon delivery.

*Ethan hated pacifiers, but {still} adores his finger.
*Rachel loved pacifiers, but when the habit was taken away, she didn't resort to sucking her thumb or finger. And she gave up the paci habit quite well.
*Kara loved pacifiers, did not give up the habit very well, but when she did, she also didn't resort to her thumb or finger.

*Our kids love watching Wheel of Fortune with me, pretty much every night. We watch after dinner.
Best part is hearing Ethan solve some of the words!

*Ethan is our best eater. Rachel eats well, but takes forever and Kara is our worst eater.

*when Kara gets weighed at the Doctor's office, she cheers when she sees her number and then tells the nurse she's pretending she's on Biggest Loser.

Every night before bed the kids pray. Ethan is always sure to ask God to help him obey and he prays for a friend of his, Mrs Cap. He prays for his Grandparents and cousins and has his own list of things he asks God to help him with.
Rachel always always prays for our baby. She thanks God for Daddy's job and usually prays for one of her friends.
Kara thanks God for gum, for cookies and for her favorite Barbie movie :)

Rachel: "does a pastor get paid for preaching to people?"
Me: "yes, he usually does."
Rachel: "Does God pay him?"
Me: "No. Usually the people in his church pay him."
Rachel: "Oh. I thought God would pay him, for getting the word out about Him."
Me: "God's 'payment' for faithful obedience is Heaven."
Rachel: "Oh! what's your payment for faithful obedience, Mommy?"

Ethan: "Rache, how would you know America's Funniest Home Videos is filmed in America?"
Rachel: "because the man on the show speaks in English."
Ethan: "Yes, but what else tells you its filmed in America?"
Rachel: "I don't know... its on American TV?"
what's obvious to some, is completely lost on others :)

Rachel: "Kara, what's your favorite thing about God and what's your favorite thing about Daddy?"
Kara: "Umm... they put babies in Mommy's tummy."

Me: "Rachel, what's your favorite thing about school?"
R: "I love the way it makes my brain turn on like a vacuum cleaner."

Me: "Kara, wash your bottom and then wipe your hands."
Ethan to Kara "oops. Mommy is speaking backwards. Her day has been too long I think."

after explaining to the kids what "getting drunk" means, Rachel gets all excited and says "Ethan! Some adults grow big and then drink a weird drink to act like kids!"

Rachel eating a doughnut: "I see how the dough was used... but where are the NUTS?!" :)

R: "Ethan, do you use bigger words to confuse me?"
E: "Sometimes. Does it work?"
R: "No, it just makes you sound ridiculous."

Upon hearing some major valley girl talk going on behind us in Target, Rachel announces to Kara, "Some girls grow up and then they talk like 2 year olds!" - yes, very true.

Ethan saw me looking at Amazon's home page and said "its pretty great of Daddy to go to work every day and put things up there for you to look at."
Me: "That's not what Daddy does at Amazon, buddy."
E: "WHAT?! you just squashed every dream I ever had."

Rachel: "Mommy, when you were little did you know Mommy's did so much work?"
Me: "Probably not."
R: "that's what I thought. Girls never know how much work it is to be a Mommy until they become one! That's why all girls think they want to be Mommies. Its almost like a trick."
Me: "do you want to be a Mommy someday?"
R: "Yes. But I will probably have a maid or something." :-)

On Thursday at Seahurst Park 

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Emily said...

Your kids crack me up. And I love that you told Kara to wash her bottom and wipe her hands. That's awesome!

Nicole said...

Thanks for some good laughs!!! :) it was needed! My hubby and I got a kick out of the "umm... They put babies in mommy's tummy" lol :)

Charlotte said...

So cute! I keep track of all the funny things my kids say too, but I am definitely writing less since they are making more sense as they get older. :-(

schristen said...

These are so priceless! I love your kids, they are so fun!
I wish I wrote down the funny things my guys say, guess its not too late to start =)

Tara said...

hahahaha! i can't wait to be able to start keeping track and journaling the things the kids say, for them to look back on someday. so awesome!


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