we made pretzels!

 The kids got to go on a Auntie Anne's pretzel tour!
We had a lot of fun and the kids especially enjoyed themselves. 
I thought the tour itself was awesome. The lady who gave the tour did 
a fabulous job and I even came away learning a lot of pretzel history I never knew! 
After we did the tour the kids learned how to shape the pretzels with the dough. 
After pretzels came out of the oven, we got to eat them - with lemonade :) 

 I was really impressed with Kara's! 
She did this one by herself. 

 I love how Ethan decides whatever we're doing is going to be 
his future occupation :) I'm guessing its an age thing... its cute and silly. 

 and they sat still to listen during the story time! 

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Gina said...

This looks like fun! I wonder if our local Annies does field trips...

Tara said...

what a fun activity!! im going to have to remember this when the boys are a little older. you're such a fun mom!


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