yard work with Daddy

I posted a few of these on Facebook a while back, but forgot to post them here. Since not all of you have Facebook, I wanted to share with you :)

 I looked out the kitchen window and saw Ethan following closely behind Jason
with his little lawn mower and fake head phones on and died laughing. 
Such a cute moment! 

Kara's birthday present from Jason's parents. She often tells me, "I'm just goin' outside to mow the   lawn. I'll be in for dinner." :) I think she thinks this lawn mower really cuts the grass because she comes in and has all of us go outside and check her work when she's done. 
Not hard to believe. I used to think I was REALLY driving the boats at Disneyland :) 

 amazes me how dead the lawn was just a few weeks ago! 
We had a week with off and on rain last week and its all lush green. 

if you look up through the trees you can see my brother-in-law David. 
He often helps Jason with the lawns and even though he doesn't want his picture
taken, I had to sneak one to give him credit for his hard work :) 

3 {comments}:

Charlotte said...

I love the one where they are all three in a line together. And with that size lawn, he definitely needs some help! :-)

Tara said...

holy huge backyard, batman! i am uber jealous!!

Jessica said...

ACK!! SO so so jealous of that backyard!!


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