you're three

Dear Kara, 

  Today is your 3rd birthday! For some reason it seems appropriate for you to be turning 3 and yet, it seems like it got here way too fast. 
People typically ask you if you're 3 or 4 when we're out and about and when you tell them you're only 2 1/2, they tell you you're very tall, with a good vocabulary :)
You are most excited about turning 3. I think its because this is the first birthday where you're old enough to really get it. You know gifts are coming, you know a treasure hunt is planned, and you know {best of all} there's cake involved. 

You're definitely a joy to our family. You live up to your middle name quite often. Being the baby, you get probably way more attention than you need, but so far its not had a bad affect on you. 
I laugh when you do something very "every day" and simple and your brother and sister don't only cheer for you, but hug you, kiss you, tell you how amazingly smart and talented you are and so on. They're your biggest fans for sure. 

You're becoming more of a people person, but you still keep your distance with strangers. 
You give yourself a pep talk every Sunday morning on the way to Sunday school. Our conversation goes something like this... "So, you're gonna be in church with Daddy? And I will be in my class? But only for a little bit?" 
Me: "Yep! Then when the sermon is over I'll come get you so you can sing with us." 
K: "Okay... and its not gonna be too long, because I think I will have fun in Sunday school." 
Me: "And you'll meet new friends and learn more things about God!" 
K: "Okay... but then you'll come get me before I miss you and cry for you." 
Me: "Yes." :) 

You love to memorize movie lines, verses, songs, quotes and more. It amazes us how quickly you can put something to memory {and it reminds me of Daddy}. 
You're a clown. If you make me laugh out loud, you consider your day complete. 
You're quite attached to Daddy. Your heart melts when he walks through the door. 
I think its cute how you still cuddle up on his lap, give him frequent hugs, put your hands on his face and tell him "I love you Daddy." 
You know how to stick up for yourself so much that recently I've noticed you do it too well. 
You often decide certain toys are yours and if someone else picks them up, you let out the loudest scream I've ever heard - terrifying the child who wants the toy. Seeing them drop it and run makes you laugh. You've gotten in trouble for this recently, much to Ethan and Rachel's satisfaction :) 

You're my best, most patient car rider and shopper. You don't typically complain about things unless you're overly tired and worn out. 
You've been doing preschool work and love it! You pretend like your work is just as hard as Ethan and Rachel's and you insist on using a big pencil, just like them. 
You're always the first one out of bed and you have a little routine of coming and crawling in bed with me and then we chat together, about whatever it is you want to talk about. 
Its usually the cookie game on my phone {thanks to Aunt Amber}, or about how you dreamed that all your dolls were talking to you, like on Toy Story, or about how you were at the mall in the Hello Kitty store and you realized it was actually your house! :) 

I hope you have a wonderful birthday today. We're having your favorite dinner tonight - ham, mashed potatoes and salad :) 
And invited some friends and family to join us for the celebration. 
I love you, Kara Joy. 

Happy Birthday, my big girl. 

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Gina said...

Happy Birthday Kara! Amazing that it's been three years already. :-)

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Kara! I can't believe she is 3!

jillyco said...

What a sweet post! Happy Birthday, Miss Kara Joy!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Kara!

Nicola S. said...

Happy Birthday Kara!

Tara said...

love reading these!!


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