About Me.

Because I know you're all dying to know more about me. Right? Okay, probably not. But its here anyway.

I'm organized, but...
I'm also scatter brained

I love my husband
I love my kids

I make a huge mess in the kitchen when I cook {just ask Jason or my Mom}

I love people, but I also don't get attached too quickly or easily.

I am not creative, but I like to try.

I used to be such a judgmental person; a ready, pushy opinion always there.
Blame it on maturity or being too busy with kids, I no longer find myself ready with opinions....
and usually don't trust many of the ones I have :)
And I've learned assumptions just get you into trouble.

I like scary movies, but since having kids, I have a hard time with gore and suspense.
Long, drawn out, lots of talking but good thinking courtroom dramas are still my favorite.
Have you ever seen 12 Angry Men? I like. And yes, don't be surprised if you rent it only to find out there are 12 angry men in it. The title isn't supposed to be funny.

When I get sick, I like to pretend I'm fine. My husband makes me lay down and BE sick.

I love doing laundry, I love folding the laundry, but I detest putting it away and hanging it all up.

Music about fictitious characters {like Santa} gives me the creeps.

In my personal Bible time, I have to pray with my eyes open, because if I close them, weird things happen; grocery lists begin to take form, forgotten information pops into my head, etc...

I hate doing my hair. I often think twice about showering, because if I do, then I have to do my hair. Or, I can just go with yesterday's style and move on.

I like to talk. But listening is far more interesting. And its the best way to learn about another person.

I like to cook and bake. Is this because I'm scatterbrained? I don't know.

the talking trees in LOTR made me mad in the movie. They were so much better in the book.

When a child {not my own} in the store calls "mommy?!" I find myself, out of habit answering, "yes?" and then when I realize what I've done, I often pretend one of my kids was really calling me. It helps me not to feel too lame. But now, admitting this to you all makes me feel super lame, so....

Jason and I still talk each other's ears off like we did when we were teenagers. Sometimes we laugh out loud at how we still act like we did back then.

Oh! I still don't know how to properly apply eye make up. So you'll rarely {if ever?} see me wearing it. If you get married I might attempt some... but I have to really like you.

I hate going to the movie theater. I know, GASP! I'm too old to have such opinions, but I'd much, much rather be at my cozy home, on my cozy couch with a blanket. Why don't people take blankets to movie theaters???

I really don't want to admit this, but, I like the rain. Fine Jase, you win ;-)

I don't like being pregnant {contrary to popular belief} but I'm learning to like and enjoy every step and I definitely adore the final outcome.

certain food smells often make me tear up, because they remind me of my Grandparents and traditions gone since they've passed.

Christmas is the one holiday that makes me feel the most like a little girl again.
But Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday.
Easter feels like the most important.

I never thought I'd enjoy home schooling as much as I do. It shocks me on a daily basis.

I'm saving this post after every line written, because my laptop warned me its about to go dead.

I am not a phone talker and yet there are a few people I could talk to for hours on the phone.
I love you, dear people.
I call my Mom way too much and yet she always picks up the phone, even with caller ID ;-)

I've never told Ethan his birth story. In all fairness, he's never asked... but I also won't bring it up because I promised him, when we was 1 day old, that I'd never tell him the story unless he asked :)

John 3:16 is probably the most familiar, common verse to most people. And yet for me, its always held so much doctrine, grace, love and mercy... it will always be a favorite and almost always makes me cry when I read it out loud.

when I read the one year Bible, I always fall behind at the book of Leviticus. Its a hard one to get through.

when my hair is long, I wish it was short. When its short, I wish it was long.
So I'm fickle too, apparently.

I have a hard time with secular music. The beat is often so catchy easy to memorize and such... but I find myself wanting to yell at the radio the whole time; at the person's confused logic and the huge God shaped hole in their words.

oh! no, I do not count every single one of my blog posts, to know when I hit milestones. I'm far too lazy and really don't care that much. Blogger has this cool way of keeping track and letting me know :)

the end.

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Charlotte said...

I loved this.

I too cannot watch scary movies, especially that involve kids, since I have become a mother.

And I have totally talked to one of my kids in the store even though they didn't start the conversation, because some other child close by called out 'Momma', and I answered! I thought I was the only one....

I don't know how to apply makeup either!! If we lived closer it would be fun to take a class together.

I love homeschooling, don't like rain, tell my kids their birth story (condensed and kid friendly)every birthday, and have trouble with secular music too.

More bloggers need to do this. We will find we have much in common.... :-)

Justin Dean said...

The iPic mOvie theatre in Redmond has big comfy recliner chairs, a pillow and a blanket, and they serve real food and alcohol by a waiter. It's the only way we see movies in the theatre now.

Stef said...

this is why we're friends, Justin. :)
I think Jason told me about that place, but for some reason I thought it was really far away!
Yippie :)

Bobarla said...

Was his birth really truamatic ????

Stef said...

His birth was very, very long and very difficult. He was born blue and not breathing, due to having the wind kocked out of him in the birth canal and my pelvic bones didn't open properly so he had big, bloody scratches along his head :(
Most Dr's would've probably taken him C Section (and they were getting read to give me one) but my amazing midwife cheered me on and after 3 days of labor and 4 hours of intense pushing, I got him out :)

I just know boys probably do NOT want all the gory details of their birth, so I promised him I'd spare him... unless he asks :)


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