dinner with family....

 just hours before Kara chopped her bangs :( 

later that night, when the girls were supposed to be sleeping, 
Kara snuck the scissors from a high shelf and cut Rachel's bangs. 

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Jen said...

Oh don't you just LOVE kids sessions with the scissors??? I know I cried when Zack chopped a chunk of Kaitlyn's hair off.

Jessica said...

Oh the adventures of having girls! :) Ethan's hair looks really thick and kinda long in that pictures-- is he growing it out?

Stef said...

Yeah, Jess, he asked me to stop shaving his head. I think he's done with the simple, easy look :)
He's not growing it long (he'll have to wait until he's 18 and crazy for that look) but he grew it more into a style and wears gel every day. I wasn't ready for this stage of life, but it appears to be here anyway :)


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