He's thirty...

... and I know to some of you that doesn't sound or seem old, but to us, we feel like we're finally adults. Both in our thirties and pregnant with our 4th child. Crazy!
When did your teens and twenties go by so quickly? Oh, yeah, when life started going by so quickly.
Jason and I met when he was just about to turn 13 and I was 14. We weren't best friends right off the bat, but we never disliked each other. I remember having a lot of respect for him, even before I got to know him on a very personal level. I appreciated the way he treated me, as a girl. His manners were out of this world, his love and care for his family greatly impressed me and his desire to learn and grown in God's grace was what got my attention the most.
Fast forward 17 years and its all of that, mix in some romantic feelings, years of love and life together and here we are.... in our thirties. Amazing.

When Jason's parents were here {last week - I promise a blog post for their visit is coming!} we went away for the weekend, just the two of us. So that was the big celebration for his 30th birthday. On his actual birthday we went out to breakfast as a family, came home and I surprised him with our brother-in-law David and set up with a couple hours of Halo game play, just the two of them. We came home from breakfast and Jason walked into the house with David sitting in the living room, all set up to play :)
In the evening we had family and friends over, lasagna dinner with our favorite new cake, Orange Raspberry cake {yum!} and played games and had a fun evening.

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Tara said...

happy happy birthday to your hubs!

that game is a favorite of my brother in law...i have yet to learn though. was it fun?!

Stef said...

we loved it! I think you'd need to play with people who are patient and willing to explain things over and over :)
our teachers were awesome!


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