Kara's Story

"Once upon of time, in a long, long galaxy, there was a girl named Hello Kitty! 
And she lived in a place where there was Princess Leia and she went to church with her Bible. 
In her Sunday School room was a picture just like that one on your wall, Mommy.... even though IKEA wasn't a real store in her world - some of her things looked like they comed from IKEA. 
Now back to my story. 
She was a queen, Hello Kitty was and she made rules that were fun and some rules that were not fun. 
And her Grandma had a pool at her house and a puppy dog and she was afraid of the dog. But she loved the pool. 
When one day Hello Kitty met a friend named Olivia. And they were both girls. Because they were and because they were born as girls with pink bows. 
Oh, also. I comed out of your tummy on October 3rd. And I was crying and I was like, 'oh! you're my Mommy. Okay.' and then I stopped crying and probably drank milk from you. 
Oh, back to my story. 
Hello Kitty was only afraid of dogs who barked. 
And princess Leia was in a star place and she looked like a star. She was full of shine. 

{If you're wondering, yes, I'm typing this while she's talking - and LOL the whole time}

So, they went to the beach one day. It was windy and sunny. Then it rained, because it was summertime. 
Oh! Christmas was coming! They don't go to see Santa because he's a stranger and they will NOT sit on his lap. Do you even know he's a different man in every store? He is. 
So they went and made cookies and ate the frosting a little bit. Just with their fingers, not on the spoon. Don't worry, they washed their hands! 
Their Mommy said 'slow down before you crack bones.' and they didn't crack bones. But, they needed bandaids because they got blood on their knees. 
Oh! and they shopped at Trader Joe's, where they have hot dogs that are good for you, without everything filled with junk. And they have Scottie dog candies that look gross, but they're really actually good. 

This is the end of my story. 
Hello Kitty got to be very old. She was still cute and she still looked little, but she was old. 
And she became a Grandma when she had a wedding. She looked very good at her wedding and she loved her man too. 
But, when Christmas came she learned about God who sent Jesus to the ranger {manger} and then after Easter they all lived happily ever here after." 

"The end." 

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Charlotte said...

Oh my goodness, I was seriously LOL when she said Santa is a stranger and so they will NOT sit on his lap....and he is a different man in every store.....slow down before you crack your bones....she is priceless. :-)

I need to do this with my kids before they get too big to tell stories like this. At least 2 of mine are already there. :-(

Stef said...

she got the Santa stuff from Ethan...
he connected how creepy the guy was way back when he was 2 1/2 :)
The other day he heard the "you better watch out" song and he was SO grossed out. "You mean people tell their kids some guy is watching them while they sleep?!"

I loved how random her mind is. You really see it in this story. She's all over the place :)


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