Our Thanksgiving

We have created quite a few traditions over the past few years, especially since moving far away from family and having some holidays where its just the 5 of us.
Thanksgiving happens to be my all time favorite holiday {with Easter as a close second} and I think the reason I love Thanksgiving so much is, its truly all about family, with no other distractions.

We start the morning off {always staying in our pj's} with the Thanksgiving Day Parade and the make ahead breakfast casserole I make, passed down from my Grandma and my Mom. This year I added cinnamon rolls to the casserole and fruit salad, which was a perfect addition. We go around the table and talk about what we're thankful for - always fun to hear the differences that range from, thankful for family members, Sunday School teachers, food, Daddy's job and then things like Hello Kitty and Target ;-)

her favorite part of the parade :) 

 skyping with the Bettis & Smoak's 

This year we had our Thanksgiving feast with our extended family up here, the Bliss & Haidle gang.
Jason and Katie hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving! I can't say it enough, its so nice having family up here.

     the kids got their own table this year!

    Grandma Bonnie with youngest Grandchild, Elliott

    I love this picture! Jason Bliss took this picture from the side, while I'm shooting it from the front with
    my cell phone.

There's Katie! 

     Jason taught me a new game called "Captain's Mistress" - connect four with marbles - SO fun!

     I'll post the recipe to this spice cake, because it was super easy to make and was SO yummy!

Happy Thanksgiving, from the 6 of us! 

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Holly D. said...
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Holly D. said...

I love the family picture!

Stef said...

thanks! we were gonna use it for our card, but want an outdoor shot instead.


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