picture recap

I've had picture phobia lately. I don't even know if that's the right way to describe it, but its generally a lack of desire to carry the camera around, feeling thankful later on for my cell phone camera, or else we'd have very little pictures to document the past few months. Instead of doing a blog post for each outing or picture on here, I thought I'd just stick them all in one post.
Basically cell phone pictures from September til now. And yes, if you're on Facebook, some of these will be repeats. Apologies.

I love fall in Washington. 

we go at least once a week to feed the horse. 

and we check on the baby cow that has just been born. 

Rachel named her "Olivia" 

spotting caterpillars on the way home! 

the baby bump {this was taken around week 13}

painting Ethan's room

Kara discovers a love for the piano 

Jason took me into Seattle for the Lord of the Rings, in concert show! 

our view on the walk back to the car 

my very good friend Sharon gets baptized!! 

we discover we'd rather play on the computers 
than read books at the library. 

my sister Trisha comes for a visit! 

we added a new surface in our kitchen :) 

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Anonymous said...

Yay for belly pics! You look great and I'm glad to see Trish with you.
Miss you

Jessica said...


1) The classic Arnold butt shot


2) The bump made the blog!!!

Stef said...

I miss you too, Dani!

Jess, the butt shots crack me up. They always seem to line up and then stick their butts out. I just can never resist a picture :)
I need to take a much updated belly pic. I've been so sick with this cold, pictures haven't really been on my mind ;-) But I will soon!

Nicola S. said...

Love the picture of the tree, beautiful! The kids looking at the baby cow is so cute.
Nice baby bump!


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