playing before the snow

So apparently snow is on the weekend forecast. Normally I'd say I don't believe it, but I'm learning anything is possible! Today we had an absolutely gorgeous day, complete with deep blue skies, bright sun, freezing cold temps and beautiful fall colors all around. I love it!

 The kids went outside to play while I organized a few closets in the house. I do love having a fully fenced, big yard to send them out it. Makes all of us quite happy :)

 Ethan decided to teach Kara how to play baseball. 
Rachel has very little interest in sports right now and so Ethan is becoming 
desperate. Thankfully Kara took to it quite well and even hit the ball a few times! 

 the cheering and training made me LOL. 

Its fun to see these two playing well together. They have a hot/cold relationship: 
neither one wants to be the peacemaker and both want to control every situation. 
So it makes me so glad when I see them playing - I feel like Ethan is growing in patience 
and kindness these days; understanding Kara is much younger than he is. 
Funny how sometimes it feels like they'll never learn or grow and then when they do, 
it feels sudden. Like it happened over night. 

    rolling and jumping in the leaves is an Autumn time must.

    Rachel is a very content, usually cheerful and sweet girl. I love that she usually has a great solution
    to a tricky problem and is willing to try pretty much anything {unless it involves touching bugs}.

So who knows if the snow will really come, but we're kind of hoping it does. What better thing to have than snow on Daddy's birthday?!

3 {comments}:

Tara said...

snow?? im jealous!!

Nicola S. said...

Love the picture of Rachel sitting in the leaves. Looks beautiful there!

Jessica said...

What CUTE hats and rain boots! i still need to find some boots for E this winter!


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