Popular blog question, answered

My blog layout/design has had one popular question this past year and I decided it would be easier to write it here, than email curious people back, as I get emails.
So, the layout and design was set up by my husband. I haven't discovered a secret website that you all can't find and I certainly don't have time to learn all the coding stuff on my own :)
He's pretty much just that amazing. And while I'm sure he'd love to have time to help everyone with theirs, he doesn't have the time {sorry!}
Thanks for the compliments on the site - its always nice to know people like the look of your website :)

2 {comments}:

Michelle said...

I enjoy reading your blog :) I wish I had a pretty design...maybe I'll convince someone to make me one :)

Hope you have a great week!

michelle from CA :)

Stef said...

haha, thanks Michelle! I have NO clue what I'm doing when it comes to web design or changing things beyond cutting and pasting :)
So I'm thankful he can do it and enjoys it.
There are actually people who will create a blog design for you... but for a price :)


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