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I should probably be a pro at this "self pregnant portrait taking" by now, so my apologies since I'm not.
Did my best taking a shot of my tummy all by myself. Next time I'll just cave and have Jason take one for me, so you can see my face and everything :)
But for those of you who've been asking {and asking and asking} and being quite patient, here you go!

20 weeks pregnant {half way!!} 
7 pounds gained 
energy swings 
starting to get back into a workout routine 
can't handle gore in movies anymore
{which has been rough on a couple of our TV shows}
feeling strong baby kicks and getting reactions to our voices {bliss}
actually thrilled to live in a cold climate while pregnant! 
first time we've been totally clueless when it comes to names for our baby. 
Sorry little one. 
finally able to eat and enjoy chocolate! {that was a good day}
suffering from heartburn for the first time 
{is it the chocolate? I hope not.}

But the best news of all  ..... 

{picture taken at 19 weeks}

**For those of you who are wondering, the at home gender test was wrong!
The Dr. said "if you're having a girl, she has a penis and NO uterus" :) 

12 {comments}:

Nicola said...

Stef, congrats on the boy!! Glad that you can eat chocolate again!!

funnysunnysarah said...

<3 the top your wearing~You are so cute,and Iam so HapPy for you Stef-Congrat'S ON your baby bOy!!!

funnysunnysarah said...

I think you did a pretty gOod job on the picture ; )

Holly D. said...

Yay! Congrats on the little boy! Is Ethan elated? I'm so happy for and with you all!

Charlotte said...

Congratulations! I think your picture is great and that is too funny that the gender test was wrong. :-)

Melissa Joy said...

Hurray for another boy!! Totally over-the-moon thrilled for you all. Trusting that he is completely healthy and well, tucked in there all cozy too. (((hugs)))
And hurray for chocolate too, by the way. ;)

Tara said...

7 pounds at 20 weeks? i kind of hate you. ;)

Volkov Family said...

Ha ha ha! Yes, that will be a funny looking girl. Let's hope it's a boy! :) Congrats!!

Stef said...

Tara, if it makes you feel better, you're way more in shape post baby than I've ever been :)

Rebecca, my thoughts exactly!

Anonymous said...

Yay, it's a boy! Double yay that that little boy is kicking!! You look super-- keeping you in my prayers!

Jessica said...

Awwwwwww!!! You look GREAT! Can't wait for more bump pics. ;) So interesting about the test being wrong!

Stef said...

Hey Jess, I'm hearing more and more that those tests are nothing but a scam :(


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