hey, Baby.

{wrote this a few days before our ultrasound, obviously} 

You're quite a wonder to us, sweet Baby.
Your little life is talked about and prayed for so much.
You're an every day reminder of the evidence of God's grace and mercy in our lives.

Whoever said beyond the 2nd child gets less attention or less preparation, is crazy.
At least not in our family. You have 5 people in this home so eager and full of happy anticipation ready to meet you, its probably nauseating to outsiders.

My belly gets talked to quite frequently. You apparently tell Kara that you and she should have ice cream, before dinner, on a daily basis. Oh, and donuts first thing in the morning. 

Every time I feel you kick and squirm I get so excited and usually stop what I'm doing, so I can make sure to soak it all in while its there. Your activity inside me reminds me that you're there and you're growing. Its an awesome reality; God is forming a new life inside me each day.
You're active at night for the most part. Typically when I stop moving and sit down to relax, I get to feel you bounce around in there. A lot like Ethan did, actually. You react to Daddy's voice quite well and its pretty cute to see/feel. He says "hi sweet Baby!" and you begin to wiggle around, as if to say "hi Daddy!"
Rachel got to actually feel you kick and her eyes filled with a new look of wonder I've never quite seen on her face before. She was stunned and amazed. "There IS a baby in there! I think the baby really likes me and knows I'm its sister!" She was thrilled; sat there staring and smiling and talking to you for a good 10 minutes. She told you all about the world, our family, our church, what she's afraid of, what she loves most, our family far away in California, how you'll be the first Arnold baby born outside of California, etc... you two had a great talk.

You like meat. I should say, you love meat. It had me a bit worried the other day, when I drove by some cows and had the sudden urge to hit one of them with my car, skin it, cook it and eat it right there.
I'm sure animal rights activists will be outraged by that sentence, but so be it.
You're finally allowing me to fulfill my chocolate cravings and so far, Hershey's Kisses are okay with you. Otherwise I'm craving more salty or hearty foods than sweet foods. I do love fruit. Oranges especially. 

On Monday we get to see you on the ultrasound screen! We'll also {hopefully} get to find out if you're a boy or a girl. Your sisters have decided you're a girl. So if you pop out a boy, please forgive all the pink.
Kara has named you 'Seattle', which is very fitting since its her favorite place to go. And Rachel has named you 'Olivia', because she says "its the most beautiful name in all of creation."
She's trying really hard to persuade Daddy and I into liking it :)
Ethan would love it if you're a boy, but he says he loves having sisters, so one more would be cool. 
He says he just wants to actually see you and hold you and tell you he loves you. He refers to you as 'My Baby' and tells you about football a lot.

We're half way done with this pregnancy journey and in about 20 weeks, give or take, we get to meet you! Today the kids talked about how they want to bring things like the crib in and set it up, so we might do that soon. I keep thinking we can wait longer, but maybe its better to get this all done sooner rather than at the last minute.

We love you, sweet baby and are overjoyed that God has blessed our family with you.
When you're born and are met with lots of camera flashes, cheering and squeals, rest assured its not the paparazzi...

its just to this family, you're already famous. 

here is our son's picture at 20 weeks! 
the "smokey" looking thing floating up is the umbilical cord and then the 
"ball" up by his eye is his hand. He did a lot of thumb sucking and playing 
with the cord during the ultrsound :) 

3 {comments}:

Gina said...

Love to hear about how the kids interact with the baby--what a great journal piece this is! :-)

Erin said...

sweet! the bit about you wanting to eat the cow you saw as you drove by the pasture reminds me of Gillian at the aquarium last month. "Seeing all these tuna make me so hungry!" Ha!

Jessica said...

So sweet!! I was the same with E-- didn't want sweet but a TON of salt! And lots of hardy meat!


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