25 clever ideas

My friend posted this link on Facebook and I loved looking through it! One of my favorite features in the Real Simple magazine is when they show you neat ways you can use one object, for the purpose of many different things.

I've tried/use a couple of these already and so it was fun to see them in here.
**I've done the plastic bags in the wet wipes containers. It worked, just not as well as I had hoped and you can't fit too many in one container, which is a bummer.
** I fold my sheet sets and put them inside the pillow cases that match.
**Putting your iPhone in a bowl to amplify the music really does work. I stumbled across that one by accident one day.

Now I'm eager to try the wire in the top of my closet to lay wrapping paper across {not sure if the big, heavy Costco rolls will work though} and anxious to try many more!

Enjoy :)

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Gideon said...

I had to smile as I read your latest blog. I saw many of those same ideas on Pinterest! I'm going to try the closet/wrapping one too very soon...we still don't have our xmas stuff put away yet...

Tara said...

thanks for posting this!!

W and J said...

Yes! This was actually circulating as an email but most of them I saw on pinterest. So clever. I haven't heard of the pillow case one-- but I definitely need to start doing that!!


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