Beautiful Things, music and lyrics

We sang this song in church tonight. I was completely floored by the simplicity of the words and yet the very deep, beautiful truth in it.
Couldn't keep from crying as I sang. Especially following a sermon on marriage and the fresh reminders that nothing is unfixable or undoable when Christ is at the center of your life.
Found myself singing this out, while praying for a few couples we know who are struggling deeply. Knowing that nothing is impossible with Christ - He makes beautiful things out of the dust and He makes beautiful things out of us. Praise be to God!

{for the next week or so, I'll have this playing as the first song on my playlist... so if you turn your speakers on you can hear it. However, the lyrics are beautiful and you only see those if you watch the video}

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Gina said...

LOVE this song! Thanks for letting me know who does it. :-)


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