I kid you not when I tell you some of these are questions I get asked all.the.time.
Seems like its on a weekly basis, now that the tummy is definitely showing. Not all of these are baby related, not all are as annoying (or annoying at all) as some. But I do think its interesting how often I get asked each one of them. Some get asked way less than others, but I seem to hear them over and over again.

1.) "When are you due?" Which usually follows "wow, I thought you were a lot farther along than that!" 

2.) "Is this your first?" Followed by huge owl eyes and gasping when I tell them its my 4th.
Lately I've been getting asked if having a 4th is "on purpose" which I confess, a few people have received a rather sarcastic reply from me....

3.) Do you know what you're having? Followed by "oh good! You can tie things off and be done after he's born." - thanks. Glad you do my family planning for me ;-)

4.) "Do you worry that having a 4th is gonna totally put you into shock and send you over the edge?"
 -No. This is the one baby I'm actually quite relaxed thinking about. My other kids are so much older than my kids have with previous baby's births. I don't do 'minute-by-minute care of any of them. Kara needs the most care and she's becoming more independent each day. With other births, I had kids that were still very much in the baby phase back at home. So it was a huge deal to add another baby to that. I think the one thing I am 'worried' about is teaching the girls especially that this baby has a Mommy and his Mommy is ME, not them ;-)

5.) "What work-out routine do you do to stay in shape while pregnant?" 
-I chase after 3 kids, take care of a 2,400+ square foot home, and run errands daily. I have lofty goals of starting a work out routine... but with only 15 weeks left to this pregnancy, I'm starting to think this will be it.

6.) "Do you homeschool your kids? They seem very smart for their ages." 
-Yes, I do and thank you! I don't notice them being any smarter or in any way more ahead of public/private school kids, but I'll admit, the compliment always makes my work feel quite worth while.

7.) "Do you worry that your kids will be mad at you for not telling them Santa is real?" 
-No. If they are, I'll remind them they're making issues out of {as their Dad would say} "first world problems."

8.) "are you gonna make your kids wait to have their first kiss on their wedding day, like you guys did?" 
{this one typically only gets asked when people hear our story}
-No. We weren't told we had to wait and we won't tell our kids that either. It can be their decision.

9.) "Do you and your husband ever wish you had dated other people before each other?"  

10.) "you must get so mad when you hear all the negative comments about your church and Pastor." 
-Not really. It bothers me when things are flat out not true. But in most cases, its a matter of personal preference and opinion, which everyone is entitled to.

11.) "Do you think you'll ever move back to California?" 
-No. But I never thought I'd move out of California... and I think I saw a pig fly the other day, so anything's possible :)

12.) "is Rachel just exactly the way you were when you were her age?" 
-No. To everyone's surprise, Kara is. As much as I'd love to say I was just like Rachel, my parents let me know {often} that Kara is a little me. Rachel does look like me, but we have very different personalities.

13.) {my absolute favorite} "are these ALL your kids?!"
when I get asked this question I laugh out loud. I have 3. Since when did 3 become an insanely large number?

14.) "you're so outgoing - you must do great with public speaking!" 
-correction. I hate public speaking and would be thrilled to never face it again. I do much better one-on-one or in smaller groups of people.

15.) "Don't you hate living where it rains all the time?"
-come spend a year in Washington and we'll talk. I'm done arguing. You have to have experience before you talk like you know what you're talking about ;-)

There you have it! I don't want to tag people because I know it annoys a lot of bloggers, but I would love to hear your F.A.Q.  I know you all get asked some as well. I wonder how many of us get the same ones!

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Tara said...

OMG the rain thing is so annoying! we go to seattle a lot (well, havent been in a few years, but have family there and have been a lot) and it MISTS more than it rains. do you know, on EVERY SINGLE TIME we have visited washington, it has never rained?! it has been overcast and misty and maybe sprinkled once or twice, but never full on rained.

Stef said...

haha, Tara! So you know why we get so annoyed with it.
People also act like winter begins in September and until July of the next year, you never see the sun. Couldn't be MORE wrong.
Winter definitely begins in November {at full force} and then December, February and March are usually gorgeous, sunny, but cold months. Its January I hate, but I seem to make it through :)

I know what you're talking about when you say 'mist'.
We don't get down pours too often, that's for sure. Maybe that's why Natives here drive like wackos when it does rain heavily!
It rains A LOT during the night though, when you're in bed. Since being pregnant and getting up multiple times a night to pee, I notice just how much it pours rain during the night. Funny how often times the next day can be totally dry and sunny :)

W and J said...

One I get asked a lot is if I think Theo looks like Ezra did as a baby. And I'm kinda bad at identifying shared traits. And of course when pregnant with Theo, whether we were planning another home birth. :) I wish I could come up with some snappy, funny responses to FAQs.

I still can't believe how many questions are about your kids and family life! Ridiculous! Many families in our church have 4 or more so at least I'll have a buffer there when we get 'larger' numbers! ;)

Anonymous said...

I live in Snohomish county and I couldn't disagree with you more. It rains all the time here and the sun rarely comes out from Sept to Feb. Anyone can look up the actual weather stats and see that this is a gray rainy place most of the year. Summer's are beautiful, but the rest sucks. I've lived here my whole life, and I'm over the rain.

Stef said...

I don't live in Snohomish County so maybe that's why ;-) it surprises me that you're from here and yet don't realize how different the weather can be in different cities/counties.

Stef said...

Also, this is where fact and opinion come into play. We're both free to have opinions on the subject :)


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