gonna take a walk outside today

    I love how excited our kids get over getting the mail. 
Today was Ethan's day. 
He told me he was most excited because all the snow and black ice is gone and so 
he can run as fast as he wants and not worry about "tripping and splitting a body part open." 

    and then there's the yells of excitement when a package or personal letter has arrived :)

 Rachel was so excited to see we have a "creek" right outside 
our driveway! I told her its run-off from the snow and she said, 
"we'll wait for it to fill even higher and we can swimming in it, 
in the summertime!" 

    so excited to finally be able to go see LadyBug!

    they did their school work very diligently today,
all because I promised a trip to LadyBug's stall :)
    we brought our own veggies with us this time and also fed her something new: 
Beets. She loves them.

    I love how she pokes her nose through the fence when she sees us. She knows we have the goods.

   believe it or not, Rachel complained the whole time about how much the sun annoys her.

 Ethan had such high hopes of clearing out our neighbor's fallen trees. 
He moved about 5 branches and then declared it a job way too big for him. 

 you know me, I love "bottom" shots. 

she's always dancing or twirling or singing or laughing :) 

   I am glad we have the evergreens, because too much of this would drive me nuts.

 I have to say though, I'm really learning to love ALL the seasons in the year, 
especially since the kids have been studying them in school. 
There's something to love and appreciate about each one. 
Even the heat. 
There. I said it. 

    I love when moss grows on top of things like fence posts.

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Nicola said...

So cute Stef. It looks like spring! Beautiful.

W and J said...

Goodness!! STOP IT with the beautiful nature pictures right outside your FRONT DOOR! Grrrrr! ;)

{yeah, you guessed it. i'm jealous!}

your days seem so sweet. i want to jump right in those pictures with you!

Stef said...

Awww Jess! We'd love for you guys to come visit again! Traveling far gets harder as you have more kids :)

I'm actually glad people like you gush and tell me I should enjoy my surroundings because I miss our old view SO desperately, I have days where I have to keep my grumbling attitude in check about this property. I love it because I see the benefits for our kids. I never tire of seeing them totally into playing on the property for hours and hours a day. I see that its definitely a good thing for them and for us, as a family.
But its that "grass is always greener" attitude and I just didn't realize how SOLD I was on that high up amazing view before.

I'm learning to be content and find joy, even if its not what I would pick. I'm seeing God's wisdom in areas that I hadn't even thought of!


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