Guest Post: Snow Day

[Stef is in California for a few days, so this is Jason. Regularly scheduled programming will resume in a couple days.]
The Seattle area got a good dumping of snow on Sunday. We got a dusting on Saturday night, then after church on Sunday, it started to come down in earnest. Here's a few photos from our afternoon (I've posted the full set to Facebook):

The snow started coming down during church.  We had lunch next door at Rock Bottom, and watched the snow come down outside.  When we were done eating, we had a brief snowball fight outside.

The drive home was a bit of an adventure, but when we go there, we played out side all afternoon.

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Gina said...

How beautiful! And what fun! Glad you took advantage of the play time. :-)

Emily said...

Jase, I love that you posted in Stef's absence! That photo of Kara is probably the cutest picture of her ever!

Stef said...

the photo of Kara is amazing. Dad and I were stunned when we saw it.

I agree w/Em - LOVE that you posted!
I also love that she called you 'Jase' :)
Missing you all SO very badly.
also, a couple photos weren't loading and so I removed them. If you know which ones are missing, maybe you could reload them?

Tara said...

gorgeous pictures!!! snow makes for the best lighting!!


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