I'm gonna vent a bit...

... And I'm sure it might be super annoying to click on my blog and feel like, "oh, joy... she's complaining."
But I want to be honest. That's all I'm doing. Just complaining. I know so many of you will totally understand this post and I need that right now; The reminder that all moms go through these days and weeks.

I had such a lovely trip to California. Enjoyed the time with my family, enjoyed seeing some friends in Brentwood {even though the visits were super short} and my friend in SF - enjoyed the random warmer weather {I hear I left some rain with you all!} and enjoyed the rest time away from the busyness of life here.
Came home though to the snow storm, which, at first was awesome. Then lost power for two days - still, not that bad. We actually had some fun pretending to camp for two days.
Then was hit with the stomach flu. Bad. Worst case I've had in my life. When I stopped counting how many trips I was making to the bathroom it was only 4pm and I was on #22. I continued throwing up until 1:30 AM that morning. Yeah. Gross.
Anyway, woke up yesterday feeling strangely stuffed up on one side of my nose, with a weird head ache above my left eyebrow. Drank tons of water and did my best to "vitamin up!", but to no avail. Woke up this morning completely stuffed up and feeling like I'm headed in for another ear infection. I can actually feel the fluid moving around in my ears :(
Lets just say I feel cruddy and like using the word 'poo' just isn' enough.

I also decided this is why I will think twice before ever flying on an airplane while pregnant.
Sure, its possibly the abrupt weather changes got me sick and sure, maybe I happened to be around someone with germs while IN California... but something tells me all my delayed time spent in the airport, plus almost 5 hours total on airplanes, probably did it. Not sure my pregnant body enjoys being in an atmosphere of no fresh air for that long :(

I am thankful {very thankful} for one thing. My family members are totally healthy and going strong!
Hoping to keep it that way... just wanted to ask you ladies, when you read this, please just say a quick prayer. I'd totally appreciate it. I'm starting all my homeopathic tricks now and plan to continue them for several weeks, trying to kick this thing. I'm not going in for more meds unless its something I definitely have to do. I think if I'm careful and diligent, I shouldn't need to.

I'm also struggling a lot lately with one child in-particular, who is having trouble obeying and struggling a very nasty attitude when things don't go their way. I'd appreciate prayer there as well; that I would keep my patience and teach with grace and love.

I have so much to be thankful for.
A bouncy, active baby 
no errands that *need* to be run
no where really to go, unless I want to
plenty of food in the house
lots of all natural, safe resources to try since I am pregnant. 
since I homeschool, we can even do that at our leisure and enjoy more of a puzzle making, book reading kind of a day. 
a husband who takes care of me the moment he walks in the door at night. 
sweet "get well" notes slipped under my door from Rachel :) 
God's love. Always

Thanks. Truly just wanted to whine and ask for prayer - one mommy to another.

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Gina said...

Wow! That was a really nice "vent". :-) I'm so sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. Glad the vomitting has stopped but I feel you on the congestion. I'm suffering another round myself--I swear I've been plagued with congestion this pregnancy. Doesn't help that pregnancy itself swells the nasal cavity. One thing I still haven't tried is the humidifier/vaporizer at night with eucalyptus oil. You may want to give it a shot. I'll be praying for you, and for testy kids. Love you all!

Liz said...

Praying you feel better and that your family stays healthy!

Emily said...

Yucky yucky yucky!!! I am SO sorry you're sick. Yes, I understand. Yes, all moms have weeks like this. I'll be praying for healing for your body, and patience and grace with that particular child.
I also am dealing with a child having similar issues, so I get it.

Nicola said...

Know that I'm praying for you. I'm so sorry that you're sick and under the weather.

Stef said...

you ladies are awesome! Thank you for the prayers. Feeling way better today, which was shocking. Colds while pregnant usually drag on for weeks for me.

Talked with my Dr today and she suggested I may be suffering from hay fever/onset of allergies, due to my sudden weather change during my visit. Which could explain why I don't have horrible body aches or anything - just the head ache and congestion.

Anyway, doing much better today - thank you!

W and J said...

<3 You!!! And your vents. :)

p.s.. thanks for the help!


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