Museum fun!

 The day after New Year's we went to a Children's museum near our house
and got to bring Daddy with us, since he had the day off work. 
We went with our friend Sharon {from church} and her 3 kids and had a blast! 

Decided at the end of our visit to buy the family pass for the year :) 

    Ethan and Cameron...

 water play 

    Rachel was at the craft table for a good hour :)

   this water feature was really neat - 
you get to arrange the logs in the "river" and create your own 
log run for the balls and boats to run down. 
Its quite exciting when your boats goes all the way through the current and makes 
it to the very bottom! 

    Jason told them to look like pirates...

4 {comments}:

Gina said...

Looks like loads of fun! :-)

Nicola said...

What a great place. It reminds me of the Children's Museum in San Jose. Love the water run and Kara's face. So cute.

Stef said...

reminded me of the same thing, Cola! Except WAY smaller than the one in SJ :)

Nini said...

So fun! Your blog posts always make me want to live in Seattle. We do love it up there! I love Kara's curls too and Ethan's longer hair is great!


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