Lincoln Logs, Star Wars & Saturdays

Remember Lincoln Logs? 
Talk about a throw-back. 
The kids and I visited a new consignment store {new to us} 
and found a tin full of them for sale. 
I think Ethan talked me into the purchase so easily because I'm a sucker for 
sentimental items. Totally made me feel like a kid again to see them. 

And much like I thought, Rachel is the one who's most fascinated by them. 
Once Jason taught the kids how to build with them, she's hooked. 

   But I was happy to see all 3 of them enjoying it so much. 
I have a major soft spot for toys that make no noise, don't have flashy stickers or lights, 
and require total imagination. 
    I like to think these types of toys make us smarter, 
or at least encourage us to use parts of our brain that increase intelligence. 

 Saturdays are awesome days. 
Daddy is home, 
breakfast is grand, 
errands & chores are done as a full team, 
and relaxing is enjoyed by all. 
We happen to get extra excited on Saturdays because its when our baby 
turns to a new week in his development. 
Ethan and Rachel have kept track perfectly the entire pregnancy, 
whereas Kara seems to think today I am "75 months pregnant" :) 

 another skill Daddy is pretty good at. 
He tends to impress us quite often with his skills. 

 ... and then there's the original Star Wars movies. Can't beat that. 
Ethan made Jason and I LOL when he referred to the Clone Troopers as 
"Clone Strippers". 
I love this age of innocence - when they have no idea they're using words that actually 
would make an older person blush. 
Wish they could stay this way... 

    Here's their finished product! Pretty good, eh? I was very impressed. 

Happy Saturday! 

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Erin said...

sweet find, Stef! It is true - toys like this DO make them smarter. they are learning engineering. :)
An online store we like for toys is called Fat Brain toys!
Happy weekend!

Stef said...

thanks! I'll check that place out. I love the name :)

Emily said...

CLONE STRIPPERS!!! I'll never be able to watch Star Wars again without laughing my head off and thinking of this!

Stef said...

we LOL too! It confused me so much I had to ask Jason "what are they actually called?" :)

Charlotte said...

We have a set of Lincoln Logs that the kids love to play with too. Do you remember Tinker Toys? I saw a set at Target last year, but since they were a 'vintage' set, they wanted an arm and a leg for them.

We love educational toys and have Legos (of course), Kinex, a huge wooden block set and all sorts of other thinking toys. I stay away from action figures and video games. :-)

I loved the peek into your Saturday!

W and J said...

Eeeek! Lincoln Logs?!? William and I were *just* talking about how much he loved these as a kid & must get some for the boys. Although I'm starting to learn that many of his toy suggestions may have selfish motives to it..so he can play with them! ;)

Your Saturdays sound wonderful. I'm so bummed we have to kiss ours good-bye for a few months!

Nini said...

I LOVE Lincoln Logs and Legos (just don't like stepping on Legos)! Your Saturday sounds so lovely!


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