a little trip for Mom...

A few months back a friend of mine in California asked if I could possibly make it out for her baby shower. My first thought was, "not unless it happens to be the weekend of Christmas", since I knew we'd be out then and never thought I'd be able to come again, so soon, just myself.
But it turns out, God wanted me there. I logged on one night in late December to check flights for January 13th and lo and behold, there it was... $40 each way, which made the low grand total of $80 bucks.
I was stunned. Flights have been SO expensive lately and this blew me away.
Jason encouraged me to go and go alone, so I could enjoy the break away, especially before baby arrives.
I'm one week before my 3rd trimester, so my midwife gave me the all clear as well, so I bought the tickets and did a little happy dance.

I had a delayed flight on Friday {the 13th no less} and didn't think I was superstitious until just about everything that could go wrong, started to. The flight itself went just fine and we even had a smooth landing, bringing me into Oakland, California around 1:20AM.
I think I was in bed around 3:30 that morning :-\  Not ideal, but I made it there safely, so not too many complaints here.

The shower was lovely and I wish I had remembered to get my phone out and snap some pictures, but I forgot. Too excited seeing lots of old friends and chatting it up with them.
I gave my first baby shower devotional and was told I'm no longer allowed to say I'm not good at public speaking. I think I'm still sticking with "I don't enjoy public speaking... at all." I think I had a very kind audience :) And, I have a new respect for Pastors and teachers.
I mostly enjoyed the weekend alone with my parents. Being the 3rd child in our family, I can't say I got a lot of alone time with both parents. Usually on my birthday and if I was in trouble, or ran into their room at night, asking for a spot in their bed ;-)  but as I've become an adult, I can't think of times when it was just the three of us. My Dad and I watched a couple football games - epic games, btw.
My Mom and I had a couple opportunities to go out just the two of us and spend time together and then on Monday we went to San Francisco together, meeting up with my Dad in the evening for dinner.
I got to see a few friends - not everyone I had hoped to see, but I'm learning to roll with that. There never seems to be enough time in our visits.

Entering the City! 
{I was totally lame and only took pics of the day in SF} 

The flight home wasn't delayed at all, but ended up being the most terrifying flight of my life. I kid you not. The plane dipped and jolted so bad at one point, several people {including yours truly} screamed out in fear. It was bad. The pilot apologized many times, blaming the control tower idiots in Seattle and admitted it should've been a delayed flight until the snow let up a bit. But again, we landed and we're all alive and thankful.

 in the West Portal District, getting ready to meet up with my 
friend Laura for lunch. 

we had just gotten out of the car and were amazed at how warm it was! 
Probably around 52 degrees, which for this Washington girl, is warm :) 

 taken while riding in the car - sorry for the lopsided look. 

 We have a picture of Jason and I on this lawn, eating lunch back when we 
were about 13 and 14 years old, during a school field trip :) 

    this is also down the street from where my Dad grew up and where my Grandparents lived.

    the gelato wheel at the Italian yogurt shop!

 we were trying to capture the bridge behind us... 
but after about 10 tries, we gave up :) 

    Golden Gate bridge picture overload. Its my favorite spot in the whole City.


    this is a bakery that's been around since 1914 and was where my 
Grandparents used to buy their cakes and treats from. 
Just walking inside and smelling the place, brought back memories of the 
pretty boxes wrapped in twine that my Grandpa would bring to our house on special holidays. 

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Charlotte said...

You know I love the city. How cool that you have ties to it from your grandparents and dad! And what a blessing it was for you to be able to come down for the weekend.

For the record, in the photos you don't even look preggo.... :-)

Great bridge photos too!

W and J said...

And for the record, you don't even look pregnant in person too! ;) It was SO SO SO good to see you and visit with you guys. Thanks so much for making a special trip. You don't even know how bad I want to come visit you guys again!!

Liz said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! I'm so glad that it worked out for you to go :)

Stef said...

I don't even look pregnant?! Yikes... I didn't realize my tummy was always this large. I agree it hides in the pictures and probably because I'm standing straight on... but I hope I look pregnant in person :)

Thanks Liz!

Gina said...

Love that you don't even look pregnant all cute holding yoru coffee. :-) I'm sure the black and angle help with the illusion. :-) Glad you got to see Laura and special time with your folks. :-)

Tara said...

yay for mama time! beautiful pictures! so glad you had some time away!!

Erin said...

What a great treat to take the trip to CA & for only $80. Wowzers!
I'm glad you got to see Laura, too. Lovely. :)

Jane said...

Great pictures! Thanks for posting,it was very special to me to get to spend time with you alone!!


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