New Year's Eve... a week late

 Kara "helped" Daddy get all the drinks ready.

   My parents bought Ethan a solar system puzzle for Christmas and he broke it out at the party.
   Made for great entertainment for the kids!

    Miss Haley a.k.a the happiest baby I know.

    Do you think Annika enjoyed the dessert?

 John and Sheree, with baby Haley 

    Janel and Sharon- 
we teased them and told them they could be a "couple" since they had absent husbands :) 

 David & Sarah a.k.a Gideon's parents :) 

    I meant to take pictures of everyone who came,
but ended up not getting my camera out for it until everyone was leaving.
And not everyone stayed until midnight. 
So if your picture isn't here, we still love you, just forgot to snap it :) 

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Charlotte said...

It looks like you had such a fun time. Friends are such a blessing!


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