only one left!

I'm officially in my 3rd trimester! 
First trimester went insanely slow and was pretty miserable for me, health wise. I've never thrown up so many times or felt like it was hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel as much as I did during those 13 weeks. Amazing how it already feels so long ago to me. 
Twenty-seven weeks feels like a huge milestone, mostly because it means we're so close to week thirty! 
The second trimester went by at lightening speed. So much so that I've decided we need to get the baby stuff out now and start getting ready. This is the first pregnancy where I'm feeling totally unprepared and not ready at all. We're usually all set and ready to go by week 30, at the latest. 
We still need to take our hospital tour, since we've never labored at this hospital. A fun fact that Ethan pointed out a few weeks back - this is our first family member to be born out of California and NOT at a Kaiser hospital. Pretty cool, right? We think so. 

I'm feeling well these days. My tummy feels lower and bigger than usual, even though I know I don't look huge or anything. My midwives have always reminded me that since my torso is so long, I don't stick out as far as some women will... but that hugely pregnant feeling is still very real, because there's a big baby in there. 
I'm always amazed when I see a friend who looks like she's about to deliver a 12 pound baby, by the shape of her big, round tummy and then I find out the baby was born and weighed just under or just over six pounds. What?! 
Such a reminder to me that our tummy size doesn't always tell us what size baby will be :) 
This is our first baby that, so far, measures ahead of "schedule". Our other 3 have all been slightly below what the typical baby weight and size is and this little guy is always several ounces over. At my last appointment the midwife told me the text book weight should be around 9 ounces and she told me he was definitely already over the 1 pound mark. She said if he stays on that growth rate, he may be our first baby over 8 pounds, which I'm all for. The chubbier the better in my opinion! 
He is also quickly turning into our most active baby in-utero. I think football and soccer practice might be taking place in there, pretty much 24/7

I still want to start a work-out video. Jason ordered me an awesome looking prenatal work out from Amazon and its still wrapped up, sitting in our TV stand. One of these days.... 

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Gina said...

In the home stretch already? Wow! Did that time pass quickly! :-) It'll be interesting to see how big he really is when he's born. Jozsef consistently measured over during his pregnancy--and he was only 6 lbs and 13 oz! :-)

Stef said...

I'm curious about the same thing, Gina! I've heard these midwives are pretty accurate, so we shall see.
At my last appointment she told me babies have a way of evening out - even if they're ahead of schedule early on, they sometimes slow down in growth near the end and so not every baby ends up super heavy.
She told me she's guessing anywhere from 7 lbs, 8oz to 8 lbs even.

Jen said...

Wow Stef you look amazing! And I completely agree with the 1st trimester thing!!! I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel either!
My babies always measured small too but I feel so BIG this time this baby might be a record for us!

W and J said...

Love your bump! :) Both of my boys were below average at birth, but somehow Theo has just chunked it up, yo. But for both pregnancies I measured below too. I'm *so* excited to see him when he arrives! The first true WA born Arnold! ;)

Emily said...

You're right...you don't stick out as far as many other women. At 27 weeks I had people asking me if I was due any day. But then again, I have a very short torso. You look great, and I am so excited to see another cutie pie Arnold baby.

Nicola said...

You look beautiful. Love the baby bump! Keep up the good work ;)


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