Snowpocolypse 2012

     this will give you a view of what happened to our trees 
and why they were breaking everywhere.

 every branch was covered in thick ice. 
kind of weird to lay in bed at night and hear them falling down. 

    our power was out from Wednesday night till about 10:30 Friday night. 
because we have a generator at this house {not a whole house one, but still} 
we were able to plug in things like the pellet stove, the fridge and a tv if we wanted to watch something. 
but we took advantage of the lack of power or ability to drive anywhere and built every 
puzzle we own and played just about every board game we own. 
in our jammies, no less. 

   at night we used a flood light to light up the living area of our house.

 Uncle David and Aunt Emily lived with us during the outage. 
made it seem more like a campout with family, which was fun. 

 we love this pellet stove :) 

    since we had a few nights without real wheel of fortune, Ethan created the game on the chalkboard.

    Rachel won the game and a trip to Hawaii.

 thanks to the generator, we still got to enjoy yummy breakfasts! 

 decided to drink the milk out of our coconut. 

    all 3 of the kids had this reaction :)

kids got a kick out of this :) 

3 {comments}:

Liz said...

So glad that you all have a generator!

Love the baby drinking the coconut milk :) So cute!

Gina said...

SO pretty--though I know the ice can be dangerous. Very happy (as I'm sure David and Emily are) that you have a generator in these times! :-) Nikolas is jealous of your coconuts--he's *always* asking me for them. :-)

W and J said...

Totally LOLed at that last picture. Stef, pregnancy does you so well. Such a beautiful belly! :)

What a fun family adventure at home. So little house on the prairie. ;)


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