Sunday... from last week

{Last} Sunday was a great day. We usually enjoy them, but this last Sunday was 
especially fun & full for our family. 
We got home exhausted, but in a good way. 
Started off the day with church. 
Went to Whole Foods for lunch *yum*

Jason took Rachel on an outdoor ice skating date. 
Turns out she's quite the skater! 
Jason said she never fell and she came out all smiles, 
wanting to sign up for lessons :) 

While Daddy and Rachel were ice skating, Ethan, Kara and I hung out and 
explored the park we've been wanting to go to since we moved here, 
and went to the Mall. We also had fun taking a bunch of pictures, since they were 
in rare picture taking mode ;-) 

 Kara is showing me her "loose" tooth. 
Poor thing feels very left out, having not lost any teeth yet. 

after ice skating we all played at the playground 
before heading back to evening church. 

All in all it was a lovely family day and a great way to start the week!
The week has been full and has gone by way too fast.
We've been enjoying a much milder January - complete with lots of sunshine!
This is our 3rd January here and I have to confess, I had written this month off
as the most depressing month in the entire year, weather wise.
What's usually 'socked in, grey sky, no hint of sunshine anywhere' days,
has been one incredibly beautiful (albiet cold) month so far.
Hope you're all enjoying your January as well!

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Nini said...

Such a fun day and I LOVE that Jason does individual dates with the kiddos. SO important...and it is great for the other kids to see that and to be okay with it too! Love it!


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