This is an urgent prayer request from our good friends Doug and Brooke Sauder. 
The request is for Doug's brother, Derek. 
Read Brooke's Facebook note below for details and then for more details on Derek's journey, visit his website. 
I've added his website to my blogroll, so as he updates you will find them there as well. 

Please pray for my husband's brother, Derek. He just came through surgery on his ear and brain to remove a large, aggressive tumor and weeks of radiation. We just found out that only 6 mos. after surgery, tumors have been found in his spinal fluid and another part of his brain. He has 3 young children and expecting #4 this summer. Please pray for healing and wisdom & skill for the doctors. Thank you! You can follow his blog for updates & details -- http://lrsauder.blogspot.com/

2 {comments}:

Brooke said...

Thank you, Stef!

Jane said...

So sorry to hear this Brooke....I will be praying for him and his sweet family!


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