Wordless Wednesday

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Emily said...


Charlotte said...

Isn't it funny how the younger ones do things that the older ones would have never done? This exact thing happens in our house too. :-)

And on a side note Stef, I am glad you have your blog updates on Facebook....since you went private (which I totally understand), I don't get updates from you anymore in my google reader.

Have a blessed week!

Stef said...

Emily, the CRAZY thing was, Jason and I were sitting right there, talking. I took out my phone, snapped a picture and we were both like, "Kara... um... what's up?" :)

Charlottle, that's mainly why I'm posting the links there. Otherwise I know I'd forget too :) Glad its helpful!

Nicola said...

That is so funny!!

My blog list hasn't shown any of you new post. I'll just have to keep looking no matter what the title is. But this is so funny.

Stef said...

Hey Cola! I actually set my blog to a private setting, so your reader sadly won't pick it up anymore.
I think I'll need to post about it because you're the 6th person to mention it this weekend :)
You already have access since I've added you when we've gone on travel in the past and set it to private, so that's why it all looks normal to you, but isn't popping up in your reader :)

W and J said...



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