::10 Questions that need answers::

In that sermon on Habakkuk that I've been listening to, Pastor Matt Chandler poses 10 questions {he said they did not originate from him, they came from Tim Keller} that I thought were excellent, thought provoking, soul probing questions. I had to share.

His main questions are : What drives you? What makes you angry, what satisfies you and what consumes you IS what you Worship.
Even if they started out as good gifts from God - Your spouse or your children or your friends or your church and/or Pastor are not bad things. They're all good gifts from God.
We have a way of turning even good gifts into idol worship.
Be more consumed with the Giver of the good gifts than you are with the gift itself.

"Do you want to know what consumes you and what you're really Worshipping?
Answer these 10 questions."

I would personally suggest doing this slowly, with care. Give it time, reflection, and prayer so your answers will be honest, convicting and helpful to you.

1.) What consumes most of your thoughts and feelings? 

2.) What motivates the things that you do? 

3.) What are you most afraid of? 

4.) What brings the highest amount of frustration or anger into your life? 

5.) What is one thing that can change your mood in a second

6.) What would your friends say is your favorite topic of conversation? 

7.) What are some things that you feel you can't live without? 

8.) What brings you solace

9.) What do you yearn for?

10.) What is one thing you wish God would do for you? 

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Nicola said...

those are very thought provoking. I'm going to have to think about it. But it really makes you think.

Stef said...


Cindy Marsch said...

Great questions! Thank you.

funnysunnysarah said...

I was sharing this with my parents!!! Thanks~
I have a saved a "copy" as well.ha ha : )


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