Hey blog readers! A few of you emailed me this weekend and said "just so you know, my feed reader isn't picking up new posts from your blog anymore - so I had no idea you were posting new stuff!"
My blog is now set to a private setting. Which means you can only view it if I've given permission. And I'm giving permission to any friends/family who want it - I didn't set it to private to avoid specific people, just strangers.

I've become increasingly skeptical of having so much personal information and so much especially about my kids on here for just anyone to see and since this is genuinely a blog just about our family life, I saw no reason to keep it totally open. Sadly, this takes away ability to se when new posts pop up in your reader {sorry} and kind of forces people to check our website now and again to see if we've posted anything new. And if you forget to do that, you won't offend me, no worries :)
If you're on Facebook, I will be posting links to any new posts on my wall.
Just thought I'd let you know. Some of you didn't know this even took place because you're already on the list of people with permission to see this blog when its on a private setting. So that's why you could still get to it, but noticed you weren't getting updates in your readers.

Anyway, hope this helps!

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