::cell phone photo dump::

A glimpse of our lives over the past few weeks, 
through cell phone photos :) 

 He loves to help Jason with the yard work. 
I was in the kitchen cleaning up from breakfast, 
looked out the window and saw this cute sight. 
I remember when this little lawn mower was too big for him to push. 

    He told me, "I like being with Daddy....
    Even when we're just doin' yard work and stuff."

 she pretty much dances and sings wherever she goes. 
She was mostly just enjoying the warmer, Spring weather. 

 she told me this is her garden.

 caught them showing sisterly love @ lunch. 

 Family movie night = The Lorax. 
We loved the movie. 
Very cute and even the environmental message was a good one! 

 first movie Kara sat all the way through in a theater. 
She appreciated NO scary parts. 

 this is how they watch the Food Network :) 

                       And.... the snow returned!

 this is what you call "Spring" weather in Washington. 
One week you're at the park with short sleeves. 
The next you're in snow clothes building snowmen. 

 on one of the snowy days we took a trip to the Kids Museum near our house. 

 I know she's 5 1/2 now and so its normal that she'd be getting bigger/taller. 
But someone please tell me why they have to grow up SO fast :( 

  the girls LOVED the craft table.

 CrAzY hAt NiGhT @ AWANA 

 back to warmer Spring weather - 
we enjoyed lunch out back several days in a row. 
Twas lovely. 

 her poses make me LOL these days. 

 I trimmed Kara's hair - check out those curls! 

     Learning how to use Instagram. I can't remember what made us laugh.
     I wanna say something I said was very funny ;-)

 finished his 1st grade math book!! 

 this is how we do Saturday mornings. 

 lost his 5th tooth! 

We had a HUGE rain storm come through one day last week. 
I mean, the heaviest rain I've ever seen. 
Kids put on their coats, ran outside and got to finally use their umbrellas! 

 chatting on the phone w/Nana 

it snowed on St. Patrick's Day morning. 
It was enough that stuck around for a few hours, until the sun came out. 
Then it all melted, but it was perfect timing to play outside 
at the party we went to that evening. 
Ethan and Kara were up first and came running in our room to peak out 
our window at the snow. 

6 {comments}:

jillyco said...

Great pictures! :)

Victoria said...

holy moly! your kids are so big!!!I really enjoyed looking at these pictures. Rachel has grown up so much. She is not the little girl I used to babysit. Her haircut is really cute. All your kids are so beautiful! miss you and your family a ton! hope all is well ♥♥

Charlotte said...

So fun! I have to say that the photo you snapped of Kara's hair looked like a wig at first. How fun to have curly hair. I was hoping one of mine would get curls, but they all have straight to wavy hair. And congrats to Ethan! Great job!

Fun photos, Stef!

Stef said...

Toria, I know! Its kind of scary how fast the first 5 years go by. My kids still remember you as their "most favorite babysitter" :)

-Thanks all!

Tara said...

you guys always look so very happy. i really really love it. i feel like you radiate happiness and love. :)

funnysunnysarah said...

Catching uP on all the pic's and comments was so fun....I love seeing how fast our kids all grOw~ It's amazing,Thanks for sharing such sweet memories!!!

: )


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