Fifty and beyond

Last week we celebrated our 50 day countdown until baby's due date! 

The kids and I made a chain several weeks ago {when we made it, it had over 100 chains} and its pretty amazing to see it dwindling down faster than any of us imagined. 
I can't believe his due-date is arriving as fast as it is. I have days where it feels like it will never get here {only because of physical discomfort} but for the most part, this pregnancy has been flying by. Which has been nice for me, since I've now been pregnant for a year, with only a month's break in-between. I am SO ready to meet this little one.
I had my 32 week appointment a couple weeks back and everything checked out very well.
Baby's heart beat was nice and strong and as Rachel said "more normal sounding." She was excited because my midwife told her "that's because your brother is getting to be a normal sized baby, almost ready to come out!"
I love bringing the kids to my appointments. When I have all 3 with me it can be chaotic, but I know the midwife team actually enjoys it. They let the kids help take my measurements, Ethan squirts the gel on my tummy while Rachel or Kara holds the doppler to hear baby. I like how they include them in every appointment. Kara's favorite part is checking my blood pressure and she smiles very approvingly at me when the nurse announces "nice blood pressure, Mom." ;-)

I brought the girls with me to my last one and the midwife talked to them all about what life will be like with a new baby. Lots of helping Mommy and holding baby brother and making sure Mommy gets lots of TLC and rest once she's home with baby.
Because our kids walked through miscarriages with us last year, the midwife told me it would be good for Jason and I to sit them down and explain that even though Mom and baby will be in bed a lot when they get home and taking life slow for a while, its not because either one is in danger.
I'm glad she suggested it because I'm not sure I would've thought to do that. When I talked with Rachel about it she told me that she's most excited to meet and hold this baby because his life is very special to her. She said she never realized babies can die before they're born and suddenly feels "a HUGE happy feeling for babies who are born when its good and healthy for them to come out."

Baby and I are doing well. He's very active, which is nice because its very reassuring for me.
When I sing to him and talk to him in a quite room, he wiggles and sticks his bottom out, which is very cute :) I actually got a video of it a week ago.
I've gained 20 pounds and my tummy still measures right on track.
I'm doing prenatal work outs, but not as often as I'd like. I had some lower back pain that was really hurting me, so I laid off any actual work outs until I saw my chiropractor.
Even though I don't "chase" my kids around to stay in shape, I know that being busier with 3 is helping to keep me in some element of shape, so I'm okay with that. I'm finding that stretching and pelvic exercises feel the best for me.
We did his first few loads of laundry to clean the newborn sized boy clothes and all the blankets/sheets he'll be using. The girls were over-the-top elated about that. They helped me fold the clothes and I think it was the day Kara really fully understood what's going on. She stood up with huge eyes and said "you mean, he's going to be OUR baby?! He's going to live with us always?! We're not going to just baby sit him and send him home?!" She was totally overjoyed when I told her he'd be part of our family and living with us for good.

I'm tired these days, which I know is typical. I had lots and lots of energy with the girls, but I remember being quite worn out with Ethan. I have days where I get bursts of energy {that's when housework gets done} and I seem to enjoy cooking/baking with this pregnancy more than I did in the past. Maybe because I don't have babies or toddlers to take care of ;-)
I try to lay down for about an hour every afternoon that I'm able and we're doing our best to keep our schedule on the weekends less hectic, so I'm rested by the time Monday rolls around.

My baby shower is coming up at the end of this month and then after that I'll start cooking and freezing some meals for us to eat once our meal deliveries from friends/family stop arriving. This is the first house where we have an outside fridge/freezer, so my plan is to fill them up so that when we have a busy day, I can run to the shed and grab a home cooked meal to thaw for dinner. I remember that being a huge blessing when Kara was born.

Jason and I also have a weekend getaway planned in mid-March and we're both getting really excited about that. Its a gift he bought me for my birthday; Tim Hawkins Live and then a night in Seattle. Some friends will be watching our kids so we can have what I think is called a "Babymoon" together ;-)
We're calling it a birthday/Anniversary celebration, since our Anniversary is just a couple weeks after.

A few of you far away friends/family have asked about any baby items we need and so I thought I'd just mention here, we are registered at Amazon.com {of course}.

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Charlotte said...

I am very excited for you as you count down the days to his arrival! It is so fun to see the kids getting excited too.

Have a blessed week!

Gina said...

Love the paper chain idea. And ever so precious is Rachel's comment about how special this baby is to her--love it!

Nicola said...

I also love the paper chain idea! We're ready anytime for you all to come and visit us and have pizza and beer!!
I'm praying that everything goes really well for you in the next month or so. Love to you.

jill denton said...

I, too, love the paper chain idea. What a fun way for the older siblings to count down.

Tara said...

you are giving me HUGE baby fever. like enormous.

so glad you guys are able to get away together before the baby!!! <333


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