I can't say enough positive things about this....

Several months ago a friend posted this sermon link on Facebook. I'll just get it said now, because maybe its weird - I do like listening to sermons online. I'd actually rather listen to a good sermon series than read a good book {sorry, Mom, I still don't love reading}.
This one caught my attention because, lets face it, how many sermons have you heard preached from the book of Habakkuk? I don't think I've heard any. Probably heard a Pastor read a verse or two from Habakkuk, but I've never actually heard a sermon series from the book. So that peaked my curiosity first.
I turned on the first sermon and found myself unable to move from the computer. I kept turning the volume higher, so I could hear over 3 kids playing in the playroom.
I have 2 sermons left before I'm finished, I've posted the link about 3 different times on Facebook and really, honestly can't say enough about it that would do it justice. I am so thankful God gave Matt Chandler these words to speak and has grown him in his faith and maturity in God's grace so that he can deliver such powerful messages of God's truth and mercy.

Seriously. Maybe take a break from TV shows for a week {because we all know those are just a waste of time anyway} and give this series a listen.
Here is one of my most favorite quotes {so far} from I think the 2nd sermon...

"Everything you think, everything you do, every place you go is seen by God. One of the reasons we're so comfortable in our sin is because we've lost a respect for the presence of God." 
- Matt Chandler, taken from Job 28:24 & Psalm 69:5

In case you missed the links above, HERE it is ;-)

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Jenney said...

Thanks for sharing this! We have illness in the fam right now and will probably be spending Sunday at home. That will give us a chance to give it a listen!

Stef said...

you're welcome! Glad your email address finally worked :) Also, get well soon!


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