an idea that paid off.

I had this idea. Woke up this morning and had the sun staring into my face. I knew the kids were still asleep and when I saw it was 8am, I knew I had a good hour before they'd wake up on their own. We live kind of out in the country. With stores 5 minutes away, but in the country nonetheless.
And our house is on a long dead end street. So I knew I could take my cell phone and keys, head out the door and take a brisk walk up and down our street, while keeping an eye on our house. Perfect!
Every so often good ideas to come into my head.
I walked down to the barn and visited LadyBug {the horse}, watched the sun rise even higher in the sky and just enjoyed the very fresh air. I think baby really appreciated it.
 this is from the backyard. I was first sitting out there when 
the grand idea struck me. 

 we do see the sun in the winter, contrary to what SO many 
want you to believe. But you can't count on it. 
Some days its there, some its not. 
And we get more rain than most. 

 soon these trees will have nice blossoms on them! 
I do love Spring. 
Its a random time of the year {weather wise} 
but I kind of like that too. 

 our front lawn... I can't wait for the birds to be visiting those little houses! 

It was a great way to start my morning. 
Got to pray in total peace and now I'm ready to tackle Wednesday. 
It is Wednesday, right? 

5 {comments}:

Jason said...

Nice! I'm glad you got out for a bit. Can you tell Ethan to please close the shed today? ;)

funnysunnysarah said...

Beautiful!!!! I lOve when a mOrning like that comes along....Kid's sleeping in and a little "mommy" time is much needed...lol I'm glad you took a little "walk"! Good Job : )

W and J said...

So Beautiful!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE your backyard! can you please grow me some veggies since you have room?! ;)

Trish Thomas said...

I loved the last line. Classic. Brilliant idea mama.

Erin said...

Beautiful morning! What a gift!


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