its getting close and I'm in denial

Can you believe we only have 29 days until our baby's due date?! I can't.

Especially when I realize he could be early. That means we could have even less.
I'm doing my very best to cherish every moment of this pregnancy, which has been hard for me. I'm carrying very low, so I'm mostly just uncomfortable all the time. But the kicks and nudges and little squirms when he hears my voice make me want to soak up even the uncomfortable moments of this journey. This pregnancy has been harder on me and I really think its because I've been pregnant for the large part of the past 12 months. Its been a lot for this body of mine.

I told Jason I'm coming to the realization that baby's in-utero, though sometimes difficult, are much easier to care for than when they're out and needing one-on-one attention and care.
You'd think I'd learn that by now, but I'm pretty sure its something I have to remind myself of with each new child we have.
I see/hear Moms complain about how long their pregnancy is taking and they just want baby OUT. Then you give it just a few weeks {sometimes less} and in come the Facebook statuses and blog post updates about how this child has taken over their life, in every way.
I'm doing my best to purpose to enjoy a few things we can do now that we won't be able to do {as easily} once baby arrives.
Like running out the door after having a fun idea pop into our heads. We do those types of things all the time without even thinking about them. I do love the baby days though and don't mind the feeling of being a bit more tied down... hopefully I will remember that when I'm IN those days again :)

Also, we've been hit with the stomach flu at our house this week. Please pray that in the midst of taking care of sick kids, I will not get sick myself. I'm seeing it spread so fast, I keep thinking my getting it is inevitable, but God knows and so I ask that you will pray that He will keep me healthy and if not, that our baby would remain safe and in-utero through it all.
If there is a positive side to everything, the positive side here would be, its not a horrible flu. Seems to hit people quick and only last 6-8 hours, which is doable. Kara got it on Monday and was fine by Monday night. Rachel got it late Tuesday night, was sick through the night and then was fine by Wednesday morning. Now we're all watching Ethan like a ticking time bomb, waiting for him to get it. Looks like he managed to escape it, as did Jason and me {thank you, Lord!} and so tomorrow night we still get to do one part of our Anniversary/Birthday getaway. We have kind friends from church who've offered to watch all 3 kids for the evening while we go see Tim Hawkins' show!

36 weeks/29 days 

outside of the sickness and such.... 
Baby and I are doing really well, which I know is something to be very thankful for.
*lots of good, frequent movement.

*ice cream is still my #1 craving.
thanks to Jason and my good friend Sharon for many special  ice cream deliveries ;-)

*I added more magnesium to my daily routine and leg cramps are slowly but surely going away!

*I'm sleeping better at night since the baby dropped - yay!

*the company that sells my MOST favorite maternity jeans hasn't been at Costco lately and I'm very thankful I'm still fitting into my original pair I bought. I seriously can't find jeans I love more, so these will be dear friends of mine for a while :)

*a friend of mine is hosting a shower for me next week. SO thankful to be able to celebrate new life with dear friends. Thanks Heidi!

*the marriage series at church is almost over. seems like it went by so fast, but its been a study I will never forget. thankful for our Pastor and his wife.

*I'm in a cooking/baking mood lately. Thought it was a phase, but its possibly here to stay.
learning to make new things, which has been fun and exciting when they taste super yummy.

*Loving the way all 3 of our kids randomly rub my tummy and talk to our baby, without any prompting.

*amazed how much kids remember and grasp. Rachel every so often talks about the babies we've lost and shows me in very clear ways how much her little mind grasps it all. I love that she "checks in" with me, just to make sure I'm doing okay with it all. So sweet.

*thankful for even crazy Spring weather. we've had such a fun mixture of sun, rain, clouds, snow and of course, more rain :)
Our family {still considered odd} actually enjoys this time of year.

*Getting ready to prepare for the end of school and summer arriving. We're going to be getting a Zoo pass, passes to some of the lakes and parks right by our house and looking forward to visits from family.

the tummy @ 36 weeks 
okay, so this one was awkward for me to take.
Not used to showing the bare tummy to more than just family.
But, the blog is private and I feel more comfortable knowing all of you.
I look way smaller than I feel or look in person.
I should take more pictures :) 

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Gina said...

So happy that the flu seems to have missed you--praying it stays away! Love the belly picture. Still wish I could be closer, even if just for the shower. My luck in sending you something has been very bad lately--everything seems to get returned. :-( I'll send it out again (just a small "thinking of you"). :-) Enjoy these last days--you know they will be past you in a flash! :-)

Stef said...

Thanks friend!

Holly D. said...

You look beautiful!!! And VERY tiny for being 36 weeks! I'll be praying that the flu is over for you all and that you'll have a wonderful weekend.

Stef said...

Thanks Holly :)
My midwife says I need to tell people with a long torso and the fact that I'm carrying super low, I measure right on track (slightly ahead) I just don't look as big as most women at this point.

Gideon said...

You are one beautiful pregnant Mommy!

Liz said...

Lovely, Stef! Can't wait to see your baby boy!
You are so close... hang in there and put your feet up :)

Stef said...

thank you :)

W and J said...

You are gorgeous!!! I love your belly. Can't wait to see this new little guy! And I am so impressed by you-- I've heard it gets harder and harder to truly enjoy each pregnancy as you have more kiddos to care for!

funnysunnysarah said...

Oh Stef...
I love these "baby belly" pictures.They are sweet~ Thank you for sharing them,you are BEAUTIFUL!!!


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