signs of a warm{er} Spring

   Here in Washington, this is how we use umbrellas :)

   we dance with them, use them as forts, and shield ourselves from 'bad guys'.

 Spring time means... lunch on the back deck. 

    worn out from running {every mom loves to see this}

the exploring never ends. 

Ethan said "boot man was here." 

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Nicola said...

Love the pictures. I'm wishing for green grass. But we have a couple of months left with snow!

Love the pictures of your baby belly!! We'll be praying for a very safe delivery.

Charlotte said...

I am ready for our cold weather to be done with and summer to be here. Small signs that it is coming....great photos and I love your big backyard!

Stef said...

Charlotte, where do you live? I thought you were in the Bay Area(?) I feel like they've not really had winter yet, but maybe I'm wrong.
I love winter, but Spring is just breathtaking and so fun to be able to be outdoors more (comfortably) and enjoying different parts of God's beautiful creation!

funnysunnysarah said...
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funnysunnysarah said...

Hey... "Boot man" visits us too.. ha ha Adam loved this picture,He said"mom I have the same boots"!!! My kid's like to play in the rain as well,and I don't mind it either...


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