St. Paddy's Day

 Jason and Katie hosted {yet again} a fabulous St. Patrick's Day party! 
We look forward to this party every year. 
This year we met a couple new families 
one of which, we found out has just started attending the same 
church we go to and lives right behind the house we used to live in. 
We were neighbors and never knew it!
The cool thing is, they have 3 kids, same gender order and ages as our kids! 
 We played a limerick game that ended up being super fun. 
I resisted at first and watched a few rounds and then joined in once I realized 
how to play and really enjoyed myself. 
Plus, who can pass up a few good laughs?

    I have no idea what face I caught, but it made me LOL :)

 everyone busy at work, creating their limericks :) 

   Kara's new friend Lucy : the other kids were all downstairs playing games. I was just
   too lazy and didn't want to go down there for pictures.
    We had a full day with family stuff in the morning, 
a friend's 1st birthday party in the afternoon
and this party was at 6pm and we stayed until... 
well, lets just say it was Sunday morning by the time we went home ;-) 

2 {comments}:

Tara said...

ok, random, but that game, with the fish, was one of my FAVORITES as a kid. i LOVED it!!

Stef said...

me too!!


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