1st week in pictures

getting ready to leave the hospital! 


 Chillin' at home. 
He preferred our bed to the hospital bed as well ;-) 

we hoped he would use this as a bed, 
but he seems to only prefer it for spurts throughout the day. 
Seems our European 'Moses bed' {that we used w/Kara}
is his favorite place to sleep. 

I took this picture to send to Jason's Aunt Christine
 She loves frogs and so when I saw this at our 2nd hand 
store, I had to buy it. And it looks pretty swell on him. 

kisses from the new big sister. 

yes, yes. we went to Target for our first outing. 

The kids love holding him. 
Rachel asks me if she can 'babysit' for me :)  

 Tuesday evening Miles was fussy and I had to go to the bathroom. 
I asked Ethan if he'd mind holding him and while he said yes, 
 he looked a bit nervous since he was fussing. 
I came out of the bathroom and Ethan was sitting there 
with this huge grin on his face, whispering 
"Mommy, come check out what I did." 
I came over and found Miles sound asleep as Ethan 
quietly sang a song the kids used to sing to my stomach pretty 
much every night before bed... 
"You knit me together in my Mother's womb." 
{from Steve Green's Hide 'em In Your Heart CD}
It was such a proud big brother moment <3

Getting weighed at his first Dr's appointment. 
Kara was making sure through the whole appointment that 
he was not scared about anything. 
She kept telling me, 
"I remember being very afraid of the hospital when I was a baby." 

I woke up from my afternoon nap to this face... 

Thursday night he appeared deep in thought.

We get greeted by 3 excited faces every morning... 
"Is Miles awake? Can we kiss him and say good morning?" 
I asked Jason to capture a picture of it on Thursday morning. 

Fulfilling one of Kara's dreams - 
we took the kids to Costco to get our cook book signed 
by Giada De Laurentiis!! 
Kara got major stage fright once we got there... 
which was such a bummer because she was all excited to 
meet her. She had picked out her outfit {even the undies} 
a week beforehand and had 2 specific questions she was 
eager to ask her... 
"when should you use salted butter and why?" 
"Do you like to slice a lime and eat it, like me?" 
It was still quite a fun/great experience!

 again, this is my cute napping buddy. 

 Good morning, world! 
The most popular question I get asked is, 
"how is he sleeping?" 
Answer: not as often as one would hope, but I think that's 
normal for baby's first week. 
He's been eating pretty much every 2-3 hours, 
even through the night and then up for about an hour 
feeding and getting changed. 
So while its not terribly ideal, its time he and I 
get to bond and I love that. 

Someone was so excited to hold her brother. 
She ran to her bedroom to grab her 'Easter' headband 
and came out all ready to take care of him. 

He gives this look after he's got a full tummy. 
He sticks his tummy way out and stretches with his 
chin(s) all squished together. 
I adore the look. 

look what Daddy caught on camera!! 

 First at-home bath with the special 
towel 'Grandma' Bonnie made for him. 

 This is the look he gets when he spots a mirror... 

 and what happens when he sees someone IN the mirror :) 

in one of his cute little outfits from Nana. 

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Drea said...

Ohhh man is he cute... You look amazing too!! Makes me want oct here faster ;)

Brooke said...

Very cute! Makes me even more baby 'wanting'. Sutton, too! (she looked at these with me :) )

Liz said...

Oh my goodness! Adorable photos :) I can not believe that you were running around so much - AMAZING! You are really handing the 4 kids well! Will you be at church on Sunday? What service? I would love to meet Miles :)

Emily said...

Stef, he's wonderful! I love this post. I especially love the morning picture of the kids. That's the stuff memories are made of. Aren't you thankful we live in the age of digital cameras?

Gideon said...

He is so handsome and I love that you are already out and about with your kiddos. I am very impressed and admire you! You look great, btw! ;)

Stef said...

I should remind everyone that I've had Jason here with me all week. So I'm not as amazing as you think ;-)
We've had fun being out and about (a bit), but we've done a ton of just laying around, which has been nice.

Thanks for the sweet compliments!

Nicola said...

What a sweet precious post of Miles and his brother and sisters.

The Abe Green Family said...

Adorable family:)

kristen said...

too much cuteness. seriously. you guys have the cutest kids. must be the italian blood. ;)

W and J said...

Gosh, HE's here!! He's really here! :) I love all the sleeping baby pictures! And how much you've had such good family bonding time! Nana's outfit rocks!


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