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Dear Miles,
You're almost a week old and I can hardly believe how much our lives have changed with you in them. Nothing terribly drastic... just a bit more filled with wonderful.
I had been told from other experienced Moms that going from 3 to 4 kids wasn't a big transition for them and I can definitely join their ranks and agree. You're pretty much a pleasant addition to our family and yet it doesn't feel very different. I juggled 3 before you and now I juggle one more ;-)
Daddy and I can't get enough snuggle time in with you. And boy, do you love to snuggle! You make the sweetest sounds when we hold you and kiss you and we can tell you love the kisses, because you lay your head back and stretch out your neck, as if to say, "kiss me here, why don't'ya." Melts my heart.
We've continued in the opposite pattern of most and take a million pictures of you a day. I look back at your brother's early days and realize we really had no idea back then, how fast the baby days go by. We took plenty of pictures of Ethan, but with each child since, its gone from a few a week, to {seriously} close to 50 a day. Thankful for the edit/delete button, so we can weed through and only keep the 'good' ones ;-)
You prefer the moses basket type bed over the rocker, you love to sleep with Daddy and I {in your sleeper} and you prefer to sleep around noise during the day. You do well in dark quiet at night, but during your day time sleep, you seem happiest when you're out amongst the noise. I'm guessing your'e used to hearing all that in my uterus.
You love the baby carriers I have and I invested this time in several. Ergo, Beco, Moby and Slings. I think we're set!
You nurse like a champ! ...for this I am very grateful. You go pretty much every 2 - 2 1/2 hours and you nurse a very timely 15 minutes on each side. Between that and coming ON your due date, I'd say you're just a timely boy :)
Your siblings adore you. I worried so much about Kara, but she has shocked us with loving you so well and being thrilled with you taking her place as baby of the family. She often comes walking through the room you and I are in, comes over and kisses you on the head, says something like "I love you, brother of mine" and then wanders out of the room, acting so proud and pleased with you.
Rachel loves to Mother you {and I knew she would!} she is very tender with you and worries so much when you make the slightest peep. She keeps trying to shove the pacifier in your mouth though, so we had to have a little talk about how we're not using that unless its an emergency. Like, you're needing to eat, but we're still a few miles from home and so we can give you the paci.
She swears that you say real words to her. Things like "hi Rachel" and "are you my sister?!" and things like that. I'm not sure she will ever believe me when I tell her that real words can't be formed in your mouth yet. You're a genius baby in her mind :)
Ethan has a slight cold {and yes, I'm quite paranoid} so he's been asked to stay away from you until his nose is no longer stuffy. He looks at you longingly from across the room and is very willing to take all his vitamins and drink his water, in the hopes he will get better, fast. But he is so excited to have you here. He's been making big plans for the two of you for the next few years. Lego lessons, how to throw a frisbee and learning to read are on his list of things he really wants to teach you.

You love having your feet rubbed, along the bottoms of them.
You're not a fan of having your diaper changed.
You have a sweet, patient personality, but when its time to eat, you show us just how well your lungs work.
You and I have been able to recover quite nicely this week. Daddy has been off work, taking very good care of us.
You love having your hair {fuzz} brushed with the baby brush.
You love to look into our mirrored closet doors. Makes us laugh, because you can be crying so loud and then if we walk by a mirror, you stop instantly and stare in amazement.

You're such a blessing to our family. Its only been a week and we already find ourselves asking how we ever did life without you!

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funnysunnysarah said...

Oh Stef,
How special it will be when Miles reads this for himself...I love the way you share all the special moments of his day.And how you all are adjusting to this little blessing.
Isn't it amazing how one little life can change the world around you...lol These "baby" days do go by so fast, so enjoy evey minute of it. Before long he will be tagging along his his big brother and sisters trying to keep up... So happY for you and the family,thanks for sharing all the fun words of JOY... Love it all~


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