the end.

Alright folks. We're at the 40 week mark, tomorrow! I'm more miserable this time around that I've ever been before. Not sure why, other than pregnancies taking a toll on one's body?
Its not horrible, especially considering what some women have had to go through for weeks before baby's due date.
I had my 40 week appointment today and everything looks good! She said baby has dropped so very much in the past few days, he's technically "engaged" and ready for labor to start. So she pretty much said "take it very easy until he's born, put your feet up as often as you can, and never pass up on a warm bath." :)
I do feel like labor is just around the corner... we shall see!

I'm gonna be dumping lots of photos from the past couple of weeks, into this post. 
Most of you have already seen these on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram... 
these are for those of you who haven't :) 
Ethan with our good friend Annika. 

superheros at the park for Cameron's 5th birthday

I've been trying to focus on enjoying these last few days with him in utero, but I confess its been a challenge. I'm so aching to hold him and kiss him and have him be part of our family.
I keep dreaming about what he looks like {last night I had my first dream in which he was a BOY! that's a first for me - this whole pregnancy I've dreamed he's a girl, which weirds me out a bit}.
I've been trying to keep life as normal as possible lately, but it made me laugh how a quick trip to Costco {we're talking 4 items that were less than $50} totally wore me out. I came home, laid on the couch and didn't get up for an hour+. Other than that, lots of little walks around the neighborhood and the kids and I have been enjoying more reading time than usual. I also administered our end of the year tests for completion of Kindergarten for Rachel and First grade for Ethan. Funny how that was the easy part, but packaging them up and sending them off to the school has been the hard part.
Kara got quite jealous that there was no test for her, so I put together a fake one for her. She thinks we're mailing it in with E&R's tests... I kind of feel like one of those parents who has their kid write a letter to 'Santa' and then has to fake like its being sent somewhere real :)
I think we might send Kara's to Grandparents and pretend they're the school.

     just lookin' cute in the dinner time sunlight. 

and goofy too :) 

I've noticed the kids have some fears about baby's birth. Ethan is a bit worried that I'll have too much pain and will never want to have babies again. I reassured him that labor has always been painful for me and its literally just a process you go through to get one amazing gift in the end - which makes it all worth it again :)
Rachel hasn't shown any real fears - she just wants him out, like, yesterday. We've had to have a lot of long talks about trusting God and letting things be and understanding that 9 months, plus a few days isn't really that big of a deal. I think its slowly working :)
She's gotten very attached to the actual due-date and so we've been discussing that some babies come a bit before and some babies come later.
Kara asked the other day if I will die after our baby is born, which made me realize she needs some reassuring on what exactly labor is. I asked her "are you excited for our baby to be born?" and she said "No... I don't want you to die, so I think he should stay IN your tummy."
We've been reading a few books about what happens when Mommy has a baby and comes home from the delivery and I think its slowly been helping her.

   family fun at the park on Saturday. 

So yeah! Not much else to say. I feel like we're just sitting and waiting and so its made blogging a tiny bit boring lately. Hopefully we'll have baby news and pictures to share with you all soon!
For now, enjoy the rest of these....

    some shots from our backyard 

   we found a frog in our pool! 

    the view. 
    Ethan put my sunglasses on my tummy and then said, 
"here's lookin' at you, kid." 
    I asked him, "where did you hear that phrase?!"
and he said "it was a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune." :) 

    baby loves before bed... 

    back when we only had 5 days left on our baby-due-date-chain! 

   falling asleep reading Calvin and Hobbes 

 its pretty much what Mommy craves everyday. 

   at Mommy's 40 week appointment, waiting for the midwife. 

40 weeks! 

He's officially due tomorrow and if he's going to follow suit like 
his siblings, he will be born ON his due date :) 
We didn't ever know Ethan's official due date, since I didn't know 
exactly when I got pregnant with him - but I knew he was due around 
February 8th and he came on the 6th. 
After he was born the Ob said, "just so you know, he's right on time - 
not early, not late." 
So my midwife today said if this little guy comes tomorrow, they're gonna 
want to write an article about me, since its very rare for babies to come 
on their actual due dates. And, so far all our kids have weighed the same 
weight at birth. Crazy? I think so. 
I still think it will be the biggest laugh if he's 2 weeks late :) 

6 {comments}:

Emily said...

I am so excited to see this little guy! I wish I lived close so I could come bring you dinner and love on him in person. Praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby, Stef. Love you!

W and J said...

YUM! I totally want donuts now! :) You're almost there! So close. i'm SO SO SO excited to hear about this little guy, his story about getting here and what he looks like. EEEK!

and my favorite is of ethan asleep on his book. priceless.

jillyco said...

Looking forward to hearing your news soon! Praying for you!

Gina said...

Love these late pregnancy ruminations. :-) Especially looking back after his timely arrival. :-) God is so good! Enjoy your cuddle time!

Tara said...

you look amazing!! and you were still so tiny for 40 weeks! thats what i looked like at probably 34 weeks! granted, i am 5 feet tall, but still. lol. you look FABULOUS.

Stef said...

haha, thanks! I'm 5 feet 7 inches, so I bet those 7 inches definitely help my tummy not stick out that far :)
I was the biggest this time around (tummy wise) and his weight kind of explained that :)


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