Kara: "Mommy, what do we do to get that baby out of your tummy? We need to start trying it." 
Me: "Its up to God." 
Kara: "Okay, then we need to pray." 

Ethan: {regarding our muscular friend Craig's shaved head} "Is Mr. Craig bald because his muscles got so big, it made the hair pop off his head?" 

Kara: "Ethan, stop interrupting me! If you don't listen to what I say, your ears will not hear my voice. And my voice is beautiful." 

Me: "Today is called Good Friday and we go to our church service because we remember when Jesus died on the cross for us." 
Kara: "Will Jesus be there?! I can't wait to tell Him, 'thanks for doing that for me, Jesus.' " 

Ethan: "Wait. Why do people hunt for eggs on Easter? 
Me: "because egg hunts are fun and it has to do with the Easter Bunny..." 
Ethan: "Yeah... since when do rabbits lay eggs? Who comes up with this stuff?!" 

Rachel: {while helping me do the dinner dishes} "No wonder you clean the house a lot - this is fun stuff! I wish we could clean instead of play so often." - I have this in writing now ;-) 

Kara to Rachel: "How do you spell your name? 
Rachel: "R-A-C-H-E-L" 
Kara: "and my name is K-A-R-A!" 
Rachel: "yep. and those letters mean 'I am insane.' " 

Ethan: "how come some people act like our family is about to become HUGE?" 
Me: "because some people think 4 kids is a lot." 
Ethan: "I bet if you gave those same people $4.00 they won't think they're too rich." 
{I actually loved his logic here} 

Rachel: "The chrysalis shakes a lot and then turns into a beautiful butterfly!"
Kara: "wait! maybe tell Mommy to shake her body and our baby will come out!" 

Rachel: "how come when you cook you always use a book?" 
Me: "because I'm following the recipe to make the food." 
Rachel: "It seems like it would be easy to remember to boil the flour on the stove." 
Me: "yeah..." 

Ethan: "its fun to lose teeth!" 
Kara: "and you will grow new ones back someday." 
Ethan: "yep! and every time, Mommy hides something fun under my pillow." 
moments later I find Kara looking at herself in the mirror... "what'cha doing, Kara?" 
"telling my teeth to come out. I want that new Hello Kitty purse at the mall." 

Kara: "Rachel, stop being bossy to me." 
Rachel: "But Kara, I'm filled with good ideas and you should listen to me." 
Kara: "No, you're not filled with good ideas and the Bible never told me, 'do everything Rachel says.'" 

Ethan: "what does it mean to be a fool?" 
Me: "It means you think you're the wisest person and only follow your own ideas, even if they're dumb."
Ethan: "Oh my word... we have a lot of fools in this world." 

Rachel: "when Daddy asked you to marry him, what did you say?" 
Me: "I said yes. That's why we're married." 
Rachel: "are you glad you married Daddy?" 
Me: "of course!" 
Rachel: "Even though it gave you 3 crazy kids?" 

Rachel to Ethan: "Why do people go on a honeymoon after their wedding?" 
Ethan: "because the wedding gives them a huge headache and then the honeymoon takes it away." 

Rachel: "Someday when a boy wants to kiss me I will say, 'you better ask my Dad... and he's gonna say no, so you'd better just get lost." 

Ethan: "when you were little did Nana tell you that you have to have kids?" 
Me: "No... but Grandma used to tease me and tell me that if I wanted to marry Daddy I had to promise to have 10 Grandchildren for her." 
Ethan: "Grandma is probably smiling now, because its almost working!" :) 

Kara: "my head hurts when I whine so much." 
Me: "then stop whining." 
Kara: "I like headaches." 
... oh dear. 

Me: "who needs God's forgiveness?" 
Ethan: "Everyone." 
Kara: "NOT ME!" 
Ethan: "Yes Kara... especially you." 

Talking about Creation to the kids.... 
Rachel: "on what day did God create Costco and Target?" :-) 

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Violet said...

You're children are a true blessing. Thank you so much for sharing the blessing they are.

Gina said...

These are great! I especially love Ethan's comment about not being rich on $4. :-) Your kids come up with the best comments/conversations! :-)

Stef said...

You're welcome, Violet. It kind of forces me to remember them once they're here and in my journal.

Gina, that one gave me a HUGE laugh. I also loved when Rachel asked what day God created Target and Costco :)

Krista said...

I love these! I still need to grab some journals to record the things my kids say so I don't have to track them down on all the various social media outlets I use... Lol.

W and J said...

i LOVE it when you do these posts!! It warms my heart so. :)


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