the hunt

Our friends from church hosted a super fun neighborhood egg hunt this morning!
It was the largest egg hunt I've ever been to and so, so fun for the kids.

Thank you Claytons, for your hospitality! 

This is how Mr. Josh makes announcements :-)

    Getting ready to start hunting! 

    Stef and Miss Maggie. We have our picture taken in this same spot back in June. 

     Rachel kind of ate as she hunted ;-) 

 Kara took the whole thing very seriously. 

    Ethan, Parker, Dylan and Kara 

 Egg on the tummy :) 

   me and my 5 1/2 year old girl. 
5 1/2! Where is the time going?? 

 We've decided we definitely need to put a set of swings in our 
backyard. All 3 of our kids love swings. 
They don't need the slide or other toys... just the swings and they're set. 

   pouting.... she had to wait for a swing to be open and wasn't happy about it.

    Rachel has no trouble expressing herself - happy or sad. 

 this is SO Kara's element. 

I remember how much I loved climbing trees! 
I preferred to be barefoot and typically wanted to 
climb to the very top or I wasn't satisfied. 
Its fun to watch my kids enjoy the same things I did. 
she was thrilled to be able to climb in little trees. 

2 {comments}:

Nicola said...

what great pictures! Looks like it was a beautiful day! Love the pouting picture!

How many days left? Great pic of you and Rachel!

W and J said...

HOLY egg HUNT! It was huge. What a great idea for a large neighborhood one if you have the space. Love how you caught each kid's personality as they hunted. :) Oh, and of course the belly pic. ;)


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