Its funny to me...

I realized something the other day and thought I'd share. Just a short, funny story.
I like to pretend you {the reader} and me are sitting in my living room chatting :)

oh, but before I tell the story, I {of course} have to share 
this cutie picture I took last night. 

Alright, fine... 
and this one too :) 
Mr. Miles is 5 weeks old today! 

The other day I went out to the store and brought Rachel, Kara and Miles with me. Ethan was at a Mariners game with Jason and so it was just the 4 of us. It dawned on me as I was driving how funny it is how quickly life and your perspective can change.
Miles was born 5 weeks ago, today. Six weeks ago I would've been all giddy to run to the store with just the girls. I would've said "wow! shopping with just 2 kids - how fun!"
But on this trip, only five weeks later, I'm giddy to be shopping with only three kids.
It was just funny to me when I realized how quickly we adjust and forget what was before. We forget what were even the limitations we had set up for ourselves. I'm not sure I thought I could ever adjust to grocery shopping in peace with four kids. But I do it now. And I actually enjoy it!

It was a quick reminder for me to be careful what limitations I place on myself and to watch my mouth when I begin to say the words "I can't" or "I could never..." - I don't get my strength and grace from within... It comes from Christ. Why, oh why do I underestimate His awesome power SO often?!
just a cute picture to share... 
when she holds Miles, it reminds me of the way my little sister
used to carry our cat around. Poor guy... 

I hope you all have a great holiday weekend! Jason has Monday off and the weather this weekend is sure to promise lots of fun. We're hosting a BBQ this afternoon with our Community Group and some of our neighbors. Looking forward to relaxing and enjoying time with dear friends.

Happy Memorial Day weekend! 

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Nicola said...

I do the same thing Stef. Where I think about how hard it is one or the other and then you forget the old way and just adjust to the new.
Hope you have a great weekend. Love the picture of Kara holding Miles to funny! What an adorable black and white picture as well.

Anonymous said...

By five I think you meant four of you. = ). I's so neat to see you enjoy your newest addition so very much = )

Gideon said...

You inspire and encourage me! Thank you for sharing. Miles is getting so big! We need to do a play date soon. I miss you!


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